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Young Entrepreneurs (Sep 15 - Oct 6)

October 6, 2019

Wow! What an awesome sales day.  These kids totally aced it, earning $396 through 1 hour of Lemonade Sales!  Honestly, they worked so well together and had so much fun it was amazing to see.  

Here is the tally of how much they made: 

GoFundMe: $130 (already sent to the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat - CRA782671697) 

Online Sales (80 cups!): $160

Pop-Up Shop Sales: $116

After paying off all the costs for the ingredients, they each went home with $40.  Such an incredible accomplishment for them. 

Well done!  

For Parents: 

Thank you very much for all the support you have given.  This success would not have been possible without you.  

A special note to Jacky (Will's mum) who literally brought their whole kitchen down here to help out the kids.  And even volunteered her wonderful young son Thomas who helped bring in a few sales!  

Please take a moment to leave a review for us on google:  g.page/explorerhop/review  

Until Next Time!

September 29, 2019

This is a crucial week for the kids as we spoke a lot about marketing and getting the word out. 

They have pre-sold 75 cups of lemonade which is fantastic! Well done to them! 

Here is what we did today: 

1) Made 2 posters which need to be printed at home and posted all over the area.  One of the kids suggested each one does 30 posters but it's entirely up to you.  Here are the posters.  We did not have time to print it here as it was really hectic so please print them at home. 

  1. Poster 1 
  2. Poster 2 

2) They created their own video and an IG post and learnt about Call to Action and other parts of a post. You can see this here. 

3) They decided how much money they want to spend on the lemonade and what kind of lemonade they want to make.  They will be squeezing lemons and making traditional lemonade and then demonstrating how the polar ice caps are melting.  :-) They decided to spend $60 on the materials that they need. 

For Parents: 

1) If you have paper cups, plastic jugs with lids or plastic table cloths at home please send them next week.  We teach the kids to use what they have first.  Do not go and buy items please.

2) Will's Family:  Thank you for volunteering to buy the lemons, lemon juice & sugar .  Please keep the receipt as the kids need to pay you back from their earnings. 

3) SPREAD THE WORD!!!  Please let all your friends & Family know about the event.  Here is the Eventbrite listing to make it easier to spread the word.  Please post this everywhere. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/lemonade-to-save-polar-bear-habitats-from-global-warming-tickets-74623399597

4) Please assist with putting up posters in the area so that we get the word out. I would advise that these go up on Saturday and Sunday morning so that they don't get ripped down.  If your child goes to an area school and it has a notice board, please put it up there. 

See you next week! 


September 22, 2019

The kids worked pretty hard today and they had some very neat ideas. 

They were all pretty happy to know that they had raised $130 so far in their GoFundMe campaign

They created a logo that represents everything they wanted.  I was actually very impressed by it! 

They also made a product page where they are selling lemonade online.  They need to sell in order to get the funds to buy the ingredients they need for their own lemonade stand.  

All of them have a goal of selling 6 lemonades this week online.  

Parents are not allowed to buy but please share the link so that they meet their goal!

Here is the link: https://explorerhop.com/products/polarade

Next week: 

They will create their own Instagram and Facebook posts along with learning about Linkedin.  If we have time, we may even do a Mailchimp newsletter insert. 

Please email me any hashtags or personal IG accounts you would like them to tag. You can email those to me at hello@explorerhop.com or on IF or FB @explorerhop

See you next week! 


September 15, 2019

We've had an awesome first day of class and the kids are all so enthusiastic.  We covered a lot today.  

The kids have picked Global Warming and Saving Polar Bears as the cause they want to support.  

They decided to have a HOT Lemonade stand to raise awareness of Global Warming.  

They have created their own Go Fund Me page. 

They got assigned their first departments today and these will switch through the weeks. 

If they have time, here is what they can think about: 

Ryan: Finance - Come up with some costs on how much a Lemonade stand is going to cost. What do we need and how much does it cost?

Chase - Sales - Come up with ideas and a sales pitch that work on to make it better. 

Jonah - Marketing - Come up with a Marketing strategy to get the word out about the lemonade stand. 

Will & Arjay - Operations - Think about absolutely every thing we need to put the lemonade stand together and bring in a list.  


1) Please share the GOFUNDME Campaign with everyone and help them surpass their goal.  All the money raised on the GoFundMe goes directly to the charity they have chosen. 

See you next week! 



We are so excited to see your kids this Sunday.  It will be the first program running in our new location.  

Here is all the information you need for the first day.  

Timings:  Sunday 12.00 - 1.50pm  (Please give them lunch before as we do a LOT during the program.  You may send snacks with them but please make sure it is nut and shellfish free) 

Dates: 4 Sundays,  September 15 - October 6

Location: 556 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto (Between Davisville and Belsize)

Parking:  Limited street parking available.  There is paid parking about 2 blocks north of here.  

Waivers:  We need waivers completed.  The kids keep telling me that I waste too much paper so I am going to request you to complete them online.  If you do not get the chance to do it, don't worry, we will have paper versions for you here. The insurance company requires us to have waivers before they can start the program.  

Contact us:  If you have any questions, please email us at hello@explorerhop.com 

Bookmark this page as all update will be posted here. 

Look forward to meeting the kids on Sunday! 



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