Camp Millionaire Level 1 (Monday + Thursday, 4:30-5:30)

Oct 19 - Day 1:

It was so great seeing all of the students that have joined the class today! For the first day, we talked about what investing is, and the importance of saving money. We learned about the 5 golden rules of saving, the different parts of an investment, how to decide what to invest in, and the basics about what a stock really is.


Thanks for joining us everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.


Oct 22 - Day 2:

Welcome back everyone! Today was the second day of classes, and we learned a lot today.

We started with a revision about the different parts of an investment, risk tolerance, and the basics about a stock.

We introduced Yahoo Finance today, and learned about what a stock market and a broker is. We also learned some new tools like a company's ticker, what the volume and average volume means, the day's range and 52 week range, as well as the currency, and previous close/open prices.

Thanks for joining us! We'll be learning lots more in our next class on Monday.


Oct 26 - Day 3:

Thanks for joining us everyone! Today we started off with a review everything we learned last class on Yahoo finance. 

We also introduced market cap, what it is, how it can change, and what it means. We introduced the ideas of supply and demand, and how prices of stocks can change!

It was a great class everyone! Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time.


Oct 29 - Day 4:

Welcome back everyone! Today we introduced the concept of "beta", and what "risk" really is! It's a complicated idea, but all the students seemed to really get the hang of it! 

We learned the different kinds of beta, what they mean in relation to the stock market, and what that means for them  in terms of their own investing.


Thanks for joining us everyone! We'll see you next week.


Nov 2 - Day 5

Welcome back everyone! Today we started off our session with our review, and we reviewed the concepts we learned from class 1 until last class. The students really have retained a lot!

Next, we learned about dividends - we talked about cash dividends, stock dividends, preferred dividends and common dividends. 

Thanks for joining us everyone! See you next class.


Nov 6 - Day 6

Hi everyone! We started off our session today with our review, and reviewed dividends from last class.

Last class we learned about earnings, and the difference between revenue and earnings. We learned about some different kinds of expenses, and also learned about EPS (Earnings Per Share).


Thanks for joining us everyone! See you next class.

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