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Camp Millionaire Level 4 (Saturdays 9am - 10.30am)

Day 1: October 17, 2020

It was so nice to see the kids again.  I am really incredibly impressed with how much they retained and how well they were able to apply it after a break.  Bravo to them! 

What we did: 
  • Review all the material from Levels 1-3
  • Learned about Federal and Provincial Taxes 
  • Created a unique profile (age, profession etc) for themselves that they will use to trade

What they need to do: 

  • Buy 1 Yellow + at least 1 BLUE Stock in their portfolios. 
  • Sayan is also investing in Fixed Income to he needs to buy a GIC as well.  
  • Fill out the spreadsheet only till price in CAD.  

You have already calculated your taxes, but here is the link if you want to try different professions and salaries and see how much taxes you would have paid.  

Links to their spreadsheets: 


Zoom link for meeting next week: 


Look forward to seeing them next week! 

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