Fall 3: Create Your Own Website - Sundays 10AM-11AM

Class 1: November 22, 2020

Hi parents!

We had a great first class. Week 1’s class is meant to set the groundwork and learn important concepts/terms to then be able to apply to our websites. I enjoyed today's class with Kendra! Next week we'll be back on track with the program, so looking forward to have Lincoln back :)

What we learned today: 

  1. How the Internet, websites, and search engines work together.
  2. What types of careers are in website-building to put this course into context and hopefully spark interest into real-life career paths!
  3. Reviewed Internet safety and privacy
  4. Different types of websites - for this class, I recommend the students focus on e-commerce/online stores, blog, and portfolio website types.
  1. Choosing a type of website you want to do in this program
  2. Decide on a specific idea for your website
  3. Thinking of a name for your website

Next week, we'll get set up in Wix, including how and where to put our Domain name (on the free Wix account, which we'll be using). Then, learning about navigation by adding/deleting pages and working on our navigation bar. Then, starting on our homepage. 

Any questions/comments, feel free to comment on the blog.

See you next week!




My name is Libby and I’m the instructor for your child’s Create Your Own Website program. I’m looking forward to having you and seeing the amazing website you come up with :)


We’ll be making websites on Wix, which is a website-building platform (we'll be using the free version, of course). We'll be moving as a group through the process from start to finish with any additional support offered throughout for your child’s unique website. By the end of the program, your child will have a website that can be published (or soon-to-be-ready to be published).

Here is the zoom link for the class:  

*No password needed for Zoom

For Parents: 

1) Please complete the Student Information Form: 

2) Please bookmark this page and the password that was provided. All updates will be added here. Thanks!

Looking forward to meeting you!


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