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Personal Finance - Fall 1

Day 1

Today we went through the 5 golden rules: 

1) Wait to buy what you want

2) Ask yourself 3 questions before you spend money

Do I need it?

Will I use it?

Will I enjoy it?

3) Start saving early


5) Have a goal! 



1) COIN CHALLENGE: Go around your home and find all the loose coins you can.  The winner so far has found $525 in coins around their home

2) FRENZY PENS:  Set your timer to 45 minutes and run around and see how many pens you can find.  Keep the good ones, throw the bad ones.  Stop buying more pens!

3) CRAZY SAVINGS BLOG: For the next week, every time you think of buying something add it to the blog and see whether you still want it.

See you next week! 




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