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Board Game Ninjas! (Tuesdays, 4.30PM)

Day 5
We were missing Cora and Henry today. Not to worry, we will do a recap to our lecture portion next class. 
Today, we discussed design theory behind all shapes, colours and symbolism behind the board game. We also did some updates on our board game and started on our game pieces. 
Next week, we will be finishing the remaining game pieces with a short demo of the roles of cards.
See you guys next week!
Our Master Sheet = https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jhQwi0VZlajKRx0saY3ObTjsm5KKLyXTAz8KBPCxyJs/edit?usp=sharing
Day 4
It's been an epic couple of days so far! We built rough drafts, discussed the outlines, and today we took the first steps with the real design.
Today, we discussed our Game theory behind the board games and applied them on to our prototype. 
Next week, we will be finishing up the board game design and starting the remaining game pieces. If you would like, please take a head start!
See you guys next week!
Our Master Sheet = https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jhQwi0VZlajKRx0saY3ObTjsm5KKLyXTAz8KBPCxyJs/edit?usp=sharing
Day 1 
What an amazing start! It was so amazing to see everyone excited to create their own epic board game. For our first class, we had an ice breaker and discussed all about board games and card games. Next class, we will be discussing logic, strategy, and goals, then start mapping our first ideas.
Our teams:
Team 1: Cora and Henry
Team 2: Titus
Our Weekly Plan:

Day 1











Ice Breaker

History and Progress of board Games

Game theory

Design theory, Part 1

Design theory, part 2

Flaws in Design


Selling your board game (crowdfunding, marketplace)

Brainstorm + research 

Board Game Rough outline + competition research

Rough sketches + brainstorm

Board Game  prototype

Cards/ Pawns prototype

Last day to add designs 

(print for next class)

Testing 1

(print again for next class, if changed)

Apply improvements, 

Testing 2

Design Box

Design Logo + Pricing strategy

Product Description

See you guys next week!
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