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Kid Entrepreneurs! (Mondays, 4.30PM)

Day 4 
For the first time, we had all three students today! Yay!
Today, we had some very 'delicious' lemon wedges to kick off our class. Lucas ate half of the entire lemon!!! 
After our 'delicious' snack we had a small recap to everything we have done so far and finally came to our pricing strategy. We discussed how prices are affected by different internal and external facts and came up with a pricing system.
Next week, we will starting our Marketing and Sales strategy. We will be launching our product page next week!!
As homework, please remember to bring some exciting fruits and some facts about them to class next time we meet. 
See you guys next week!
Day 3 
Amazing job, everyone! Today, we had a show and tell session with our fav ourtie items. We also have practised Sales pitches with these items. And we also got to play a Fact or Fiction game.
For the entrepreneurial tasks of the day, we wrote out company's sales pitch which includes our USP (unique selling proposition).
As homework, please remember to bring a small slice of lemon to class next time we meet. 
See you guys, next week!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Day 1 
What an amazing start! Today we did a fun ice breaker, went through different entrepreneurship concepts, discussed our own business and ended with a round of lemonade jeopardy.
Our Business concept: virtual lemonade stand 
Our Business name: Lucas & Sebastian's Lemonade Stand
Charity: Toronto Zoo
See you guys next week!
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