Kid Entrepreneurs - Bayview Glen (Wednesdays 5-6PM)

Hey everyone! 
Today we made a business plan for a real life lemonade stand. We planned for the materials, tasks, workers and space that would be needed for a real-life lemonade stand/ restaurant.
The planning made us understand how different a real-life business is than a virtual one, like we made.
For next week, I would like you guys to prepare a story for the beginning of our class. It could be a real story of something cool that had happened to you, a funny joke your friend told you or just your favorite story.
Thank you so much for coming to class, I look forward to seeing you all again soon :)
Have a great week! 
DAY 4 
Hello Everyone! 

Today we made the banner for our product page, so that our customers get to know the amazing kids who made this Virtual Lemonade Stand!
We included pictures of your beautiful faces, your incredible lemon and lemonade drawings and some real and very sour limes and lemons. We also added some of the things we love the most, so that everyone can know our personality a bit better! We added a touch science and starts for Melody, dinosaurs for Kurtis, swimming and Lamborghini for Dylan and some fish for Aryan :) 
For next week, please bring to class an interesting fruit you like and prepare a cool fact about it. 
I look forward to see you all again and learn about all you guys' favorite fruits! Have a great week :)


Hey everyone, it was so much fun seeing you again today!
Today, we learnt what a product pitch is.
We saw how the winner of the game show "Shark Tank" was pitching his sponge invention, and applied it to our own unique products at home.
Together, we wrote the product description for our Virtual Lemonade Stand which will be featured on the product page. 
For next class, please bring a lemon with you. It can be a slice of lemon, a whole lemon or a drawing of a lemon (for those of us who do not really like them). 
I look forward to seeing you all in class next week! Stay healthy and safe :)


Hey Everyone! It was so amazing seeing you all again.
Today we learnt about how a good company's logo should look like and had fun creating our own for our business.
Please make sure you upload a picture of your amazing design to the "Files" section in our Microsoft Teams team. 

We also made our new business poster, which you can see in this blog post, and it is going to make our Virtual Lemonade Stand be the best out there!
Next class we will have a Show and Tell, so please bring a cool thing to show us and prepare a story that tells us all about it.
Hope to see you all again next week. Have a great week and Happy Halloween to those who celebrate :)

Day 1

Hello everyone! It was so nice to get to meet you all and see all of your beautiful smiles on our first day.
Today we started our first few steps into creating an amazing business together- a Virtual Lemonade Stand! We learnt about the different types of businesses and what makes a business successful and awesome.
We also chose a charity to donate the money from our sales to, it is the...... Toronto Zoo!!!
So we get to raise money and help out all the animals we love. 
"King's Lemonade" is the new name for our business, and indeed it is going to be a royalty's treat. 
Next week is Crazy Outfit Day, so make sure you plan a crazy outfit for next class! It could be a cool shirt, hoodie or even a funky hat, whatever your heart desires. 

(Also, please do not forget to bring a piece of paper and a pencil with you, as in the next class we are going to design our cool new logo for our Lemonade Stand!)
Have a great week you guys! I can't wait to see all of your amazing smiles soon :)
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