How to Save More

In our mission How to Save More, we asked readers what they were saving for, how much it cost, what will they do to start saving more and how to cut wastage at home.  Here's some of the submissions.  I would say we have some pretty savvy savers on our site!

Name What are you saving for? How much does it cost? How will you start saving more? How will you cut wastage?
Kiran (Grade 5) Toronto For a phone when I am older. but mostly I want to save for my education. even after that though probably a house and my retirement fund and insurance All together about 3,500,000 I don't really use my money on anything I just save it up to put in my bank account or save up for something big.
Well, I try to tell my parents what my classmate mom Hassina taught us in school about wasting food and I try to turn off lights that my family members leave on to not waste electricity.
Azra (Grade 5) Toronto iPhone $750 Save half my allowance every month. Stop buying little things that I don't really want and save up for the thing I do want
Coco (Grade 5) Toronto A mall with apartments on top 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) Put my b-day money in the bank and get interest Get a worm bin
Annika (Grade 5) Toronto A birthday present for my mommy $25 Put aside $1 a week from my allowance Try to stop using things that come in wrappers

Kavi (Grade 5) Toronto

Phone, Shoes, Clothes $500 Don't buy stuff that I will not need. And do not waste food. Eat all the food do not run water unnecessarily.

James (Age 8) Toronto

I want everything 200 million  I will never buy anything anymore - ever! I will give it all to the poor
Bassel (Age 12) Toronto To move to L.A and live there. $1 million Don't spend that much money Don't throw away edible food
Ryder (Age 10) Toronto Education + for kids and my life $10 million Save in a very good bank at least $1,000 in 5 yearsbe like an accountant less money for more Put food in your fridge or freezer so it doesn't taste bad
Mirabella (Age 10) Toronto I want a pixel phone $558 I will start saving and stop spending my money. I will eat all my food and shut the lights when I am not in the room.
Nikita (Age 10) Toronto iPhone $600 Do lemonade stands 🍋 Use the lights only when I am in the room. And only buy what I would need or use a lot of.

Kaylon (Age 14) Toronto

Clothes, games, and stuff for the future $2,500 Look for new things that are only on sale to save money Try my best to eat everything and refrigerate food a lot more
Zeina (Age 12) Oakville Shoes $115 I will invest. I will do what I can to stop wasting. 
Jonah (Grade 6) Toronto For a Dog $2,000 Not spending it on stupid things Eat what you can and don't waste
Jean-Luc (Grade 6) Toronto want to save money for my own Bugatti grand sport vitesse carbon fibre convertible with a spoiler at the back. $3 million Something that I already do, which I will continuing doing is every time someone gives me $80 dollars or more for any reason, I put $50 in my own personal bank account Limit the amount of stuff to buy and appreciate what we already have.
Eve (Grade 5) Toronto A Phone $2000 I will give the money to my mom so I do not spend it or I will put it in the bank. I will not buy things i know i will not use in the future that take up space.
Philip (Grade 6) Toronto A MacBook Pro $1500 Not spend as much Help not to waste food
Jonah (Grade 6) Toronto Video Games $20-$80 Host Lemonade Stand I'll take what I need only
Bassel (Grade 6) Toronto I want to save money for my future such as university, my family, and a house. And for the things I want: A nice all-wheel drive blue Ford Fusion and a my own butler. $500,000 I will not spend as much money on things I don't really need Don't waste food, water or electricity
Evelyn (Grade 5) Toronto I want a new phone $1000 I won't waste it on silly stuff, like toys I won't play with I will remember to turn off the lights when I leave the room
Tess (Grade 6) Toronto


I want to save money for a Pop Socket

$20 I will make sure that my parents know how much money I have so that they can help me by asking me if I really want something I will make sure that my parents don't buy more food than we need and we don't use a lot of electricity
Bhumika (Grade 3) Brampton A Phone Don't know I won't buy anything I don't need I have to think about it


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