Making my own Portfolio

We asked kids to make their own portfolio. Here is what they said. 

Name  % in Cash % in something you own  % in something you give as a loan Logic for dividing portfolio this way
Kiera (age 13)  10% 60% 30%

 I put more in investments I own because it is the most aggressive way to build money.  I put some in loaning money to ensure that if markets go down, I have a bit of buffer.  I don't need that much cash and the interest currently is very low.

Ryan (Age 14) 5% 60% 35%

My logic was to go big on stocks but, be able to recover with bonds and loaning investments if the market goes down.  Cash was the least because although it is 100% guaranteed, it is only a couple percent

Alex (Age 16) 10% 50% 40%

invest 50% of what I own  The house will go up in value over time and I need to live in it. 
Invest 40% by loaning money so that I can make money from the loan. 
Cash is 10% for emergency only.

Spencer (age 12)  33% 34% 33% I didn't really have a logic. :-)
Constantine (age 14) 1% 89% 10% You should be careful when borrowing so I put little for loaning. You also do not need a lot of cash not in the bank.
Liza (age 11) 40% 50% 10% I am investing 50 percent into a real estate because it is something that you actually own. I would keep the rest at home to have control of my money!I am lending only 10 percent because I don’t want to put at risk my money!
Ben (age 10) 0% 10% 90% The 1000 investment (stocks etc) is more risky (could go up a lot or could go down a lot)
The 9000  (bonds etc) is safer because it is guaranteed to go up in value.
Tyler (age 14) 7% 8% 85% I would be ok with losing the 800 should that investment go down to 0. The 8,500 is a safer investment because it can't go down. And i put 700 in cash just in case i ever need money to spend.
Divya (age 10) 85% 7% 8% it is good too have extra cash for emergency,it is good to invest in something you own for more money in the future, its good to help people by loaning them money
Chaaya (age 13) 35% 25% 40% My logic for dividing my portfolio this way is that if I invest more money into loaning it, I will get more money back then the money just sitting here. I put $3500 into cash because it is better than spending it and loosing the money.
Aryan (age 10) 5% 70% 25% There is a big chance of making money in investing in stocks so I decided to put 70% in stocks. 
25% in Loans so I can get some interest.
5% in cash for emergency.
(my mom helped me)
Rohaan (age 12) 5% 20% 75% I feel that investing by loaning money is going to make you the most amount of money. Right after that I think things like art and jewelry can appreciate immensely. Having cash just keeps your money stale, you don't lose anything and you don't gain anything.
Max (age 11) 10% 45% 45% I Want My Money To Earn Interest But Still Be Safe
Faris (age 11) 20% 60% 20% Well I want to have cash as a backup, in case I have an expensive emergency. I don't know anyone who I can loan money with interest too, but I just put money in that category because, maybe something will happen.
Mirabella (age 11) 0% 40% 60% There was no point in keeping it at home, and if I put it in the bank I would just get more, but then hopefully I could get some more stuff

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