The Ultimate Gift for Me!

Mira & Teyus visited Gandma who taught them all they need to know about Giving Gifts.  We asked our reader what their ultimate gift would be. Here is what they answered.  


Zeina, Age 12 (Oakville): I would like video games or console accessories. 

Bassel, Age 12 (Mississauga): I would like video games. 

Nikita, Age 10 (Toronto): I want a unicorn.

Hussein, Age 13 (Oakville): I want a PS4

Mirabella, Age 10 (Toronto): I want money. 

Ryder, Age 10 (Toronto): I want XBOX game,stuffies and new charger.

Erind, Age 11 (Toronto): My ultimate gift would be money so I can get whatever I want. 

James, Age 8 (Toronto): I want 50,000 video games. 

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