Kids & Money

How millennial women have been let down

A couple of years ago, I founded a non-profit company called Explorer Hop. The goal of the...

A Squandered Inheritance and the Parent who didn’t know how to Invest

I had some disturbing news this morning in my kid’s school parking lot. Through the gossip gang I heard that one of t...

Do we seriously need $2.4 BILLION of Chocolates on Easter? 5 things to contemplate while devouring those delicious chocolate bunnies.

We are a religiously ambiguous family and so for us Easter essentially means chocolate and looking for (and hiding) a...

Worried about how your child will “manage”, enroll her today in a program about Money.

We all know the person I am going to talk about. The bright, shining star who was the ace at academics at school and ...

It’s time to bring Kids into the “Money” conversation

I was picking up my child from school today, when I saw another kid (Grade 4 or 5) ask their mum if ...
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