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BVG - Financial Literacy Level 1 Gr. 4-5 (Monday | 5-6 PM EST)

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Day 3: January 25, 2021

What we did: Today, we did discussed about investing. We put on our thinking hats and discussed what investments mean to us. We discussed the three types of investments and how it related to time sensitive goals. We also built a chart to place realistic financial goals for short, medium and long term goals. We also discussed our own future investments and how do we plan for it. 

What we will do next class: Next class, focus will be on banking. Get ready for the next game :) 

See everyone, next class!

Day 3: January 18, 2021

What we did: Today, we did a recap to all our lessons so far and learned about budgeting. We learned the importance of budgeting and how it applies to different people and institutions. Our activity for the day was to build our own budget plan. We seperated our needs and wants, then mapped out other important expenses. According to a summer job of choosing, we built our first budget plan together.

What we will do next class: Next class, focus will be on investing.

See everyone, next class!


Day 2: January 11, 2021

Hello, Eishan!

What we did: Today, we welcome our new student, Eishan! It was very nice to meet you! We also continued and finished the Golden Rules of Savings. We discussed our financial goals related to saving and how we can be effective. We discussed the big topic of Interest and how it impacts savings.

What we will do next class: Next class, focus will be on Budgeting and building our first plan. 

See everyone, next class!


Day 1: January 4, 2021

So nice to meet everyone! Let's learn about money!

What we did: We talked about money today! We started with our fin introductions and discussed how our own financial goals shape our decisions. We also discussed the importance of financial literacy. We finished off with discussing the Golden Rules of Saving!

What we will do next class: Next class, we focus will be finishing up the Golden Rules. 

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