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BVG - Kids Camp Millionaire - Learn about Money (Wed - 5-6PM)

Day 8: Wednesday February 24th, 2021

Today is the last lesson of Kids Camp Millionaire - Learn About Money. We learned about the importance of leading a balanced life because it keeps us healthy, happy, and wealthy. We talked about the different ways of leading a balanced life, such as learning how to make big decisions, understanding our values, adopting good habits, and setting goals. We also learned the importance of risks and how it can affect our decisions, values, habits, and goals. 

In the second half of class, we did a quick review of the previous weeks' lessons and concluded the lesson with the important message of "spend money wisely".


Day 7: Wednesday February 17th, 2021

Today, we talked about the reasons of saving money and its significance. We talked about the 5 golden rules of saving. The first rule tells us to wait to buy what we want. The second rule tells us to choose how we spend. The third rule tells us to start saving early. The fourth rule tells us to stop wasting. Finally, the last rule tells us to set a goal. At the end of class, the students each had the opportunity to set a goal, either long term or short term. After a month, they can go back to that goal and see how much they have accomplished.

Plans for next class: final lesson slides and a summary of the course.


Day 6: Wednesday February 10th, 2021

February of 2021 is full of holidays. We have Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Family Day. For holidays, we like to take some time to spend with family, and we also like to spend some money on food to celebrate. Today, we looked at the different types of holidays and listed the foods and events for each, by creating a shopping list. Then, we assigned each item with a price tag to determine what coins and banknotes to use. We ended the class with a quick lesson on how to write prices in number form, taking note on the importance of place values.

Plans for next class: Lecture on the golden rules of saving.


Day 5: Wednesday February 3rd, 2021

Wow, we are already into the month of February!

Today, we reviewed the different types of Canadian money for coins, banknotes, and their colours. We also talked about the tooth fairy! Next, we played a game of making a grocery list. For each item on the grocery list, we combined money in coins and dollar bills to create the exact value to purchase the items. The students learned a lot and had a lot of fun! 

Plans for next class: "shopping list" activities for February holidays.


Day 4: Wednesday January 27th, 2021

Today, we did a summary of what we learned in the past few classes and applied them to real life situations. We held an interactive discussion on the different types of banks across Canada when reviewing our concept of saving money, the ways we can invest, and how experimenting can assist our choices of investment. Finally, we discussed the ways that we can spend money on, by creating a list of necessities and a list of things we would like to have. 

Plans for next class: creating wish lists, activities on money combinations.


Day 3: Wednesday January 20th, 2021

Today, we reviewed lesson 2’s concepts of the coins and banknotes. We did a few activities of combining coins and banknotes to obtain a given value. For example, to make $57.45, we can use one $50 banknote, a $5 banknote, a toonie, a quarter, and two dimes. After reviewing lesson 2, we moved onto lesson 3’s material, which introduces the importance of saving money. We discussed that it is important to save money for the future. We also discussed the importance to spend on things that we will need, utilize, and enjoy. At the end, we summarized the golden rules of saving that we have learned. 

Plans for next class: review lesson 3, a few activities on saving and money combinations. 


Day 2: Wednesday January 13th, 2021

Today, we reviewed lesson 1’s concepts such as the 3 jars (saving, investing, spending), the importance of each jar, and finally finishing the lesson. We focused more on lesson 2, which introduces the different types of Canadian money, such as coins and banknotes. We named each coin: nickel, dime, quarter, loonie and toonie. We discussed each of their values, what they look like, and the students really enjoy the colours on the banknotes! We ended the lesson with a game, where each student had to make combinations of the coins and banknotes, to obtain a given value. For example, for $450, we can use four $100 banknotes and one $50 banknote.

Plans for next class: review lesson 2, a few activities on money combinations, conclude lesson 2, and begin lesson 3.

Day 1: Wednesday January 6th 2021

Happy New Year of 2021!

Today, we introduced the idea of the three jars. We obtained three jars or drew three jars. For each jar, we labelled the word “saving”, “investing”, and “spending”. We hypothetically allocated an equal amount of money into each jar and discussed the importance of the saving and investing jars. We defined the meanings and also discussed what we can do with the money that we hypothetically saved and invested.
While on the topic of money related games, I gave an example of the lemonade stand. This gives a concept on the importance of spending money for necessary materials that helps us make more money.
I also introduced the idea of banks, saving accounts, and interest.
Finally, we ended the lesson about spending money and discussing that while saving and investing is important, we cannot forget to spend money to help us lead a balanced and happy life.

Plans for next class: conclude lesson 1 and begin lesson 2.

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