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Camp Millionaire Level 1 - Dubai

Week 2: Sunday June 20, 2021

What we learned: We learned about how companies get on the stock market. Public vs private companies and not for profit and charities. We also learned about the stock markets all over the world, when they open, when they close and after hours and pre market trading. We also talked about the different currencies around the world and how we have to be aware of them when trading internationally.

What they have to do: Log onto their virtual investment accounts and sell their stocks and purchase a new stock that is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

What's Next: We will begin to speak about different financial metrics, starting with market capitalization and beta.


Week 1: Sunday June 13, 2021

What we learned: We learned about the different ways to invest:

  • Investing by owning
  • Investing by lending
  • Leaving our money in cash

We talked about the pros and cons of each and why investing by owning, specifically by owning stocks, is usually the best avenue. We also spoke about risk tolerance and how everyone will have a different risk tolerance and that is totally okay!

What they have to do: Log onto their virtual investment accounts and purchase a long term and short term stock. They should sell their short term stock mid week for another. We will chat about our gains (or losses) in our next class.

What's Next: We will intro stocks, what are they and how do we buy them. We will learn about what a ticker is as well as the different stock markets around the world.



Explorer Hop is an innovative financial literacy and entrepreneurship program based in Toronto, Canada.  Over the last year, more than 3500 students from over 14 countries have been in our programs.  

This is the first step in our 8 level program to teach kids how to invest. 

Please bookmark this page as updates will be provided here. 

Our Camp Millionaire 1 program is designed to teach kids ages 11+ how to invest in the stock market.  Our students learn through hands-on interactive investment games, proactive discussions and collaborative research- all in a stress-free environment. Our programs and students have been recognized and featured on BBC, Global News and much more. 

Financial literacy is a vital skill in our lives and yet so few have it.  By empowering our kids with a good foundation in investing we are enabling our kids to make practical, money-savvy decisions as they prepare for their future. Our program helps put them on this path of success. 

Think about how amazing it will be when your Grade 7 child can look at a company and analyze the stock information for themselves!  This is just the first confident step they take on their investing journey.

Over the course of the next 5 weeks, we will be learning all about the stock market.  They will learn everything from what is Market Cap to Dividends. As we learn, kids will be investing in our Stock Market Challenge, where they will each manage a virtual stock portfolio of $10k with real-time stock market feeds.  The money is virtual but the prices and decisions they make have real-time implications. 

Move over Warren Buffett - our Young Investors are about to take over! 

Zoom Link for the class:  

Link to the Investment Challenge:

You will need your PIN and First Name to login. PINs will be given to the kids in the first class. 

DISCORD channel: (for Tech support and stock discussions)

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