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Day 4: February 28, 2021

What We Did Today: We looked into even more metrics today. We talked about Earnings, Earnings per Share and Price to Earnings Ratio. 

What's Next: As we all know this was our fourth and final class for CM Level 1. It was a pleasure teaching the boys they were always engaged and asked great questions. The next step for the boys is Camp Millionaire Level 2, which covers mutual funds.


Day 3: February 21, 2021

What We Did Today: We dove into some metrics today. We talked about Market Cap, Beta and introduced Dividends. 

What They Have to Do: Trade in your short term stock and buy a stock that is mid-cap sized.

What are we doing next week?: Next week is our final class. We will focus on dividends and earnings and how that can affect our stock picking decisions.


Day 2: February 14, 2021

What We Did Today: We talked about stocks, what they are, how you can buy them. We also talked about public vs private companies and how and why a company would want to be on the stock market. We went through tickers, the different stock markets, currencies and stock market hours.

What They Have to Do: Trade in your short term stock and buy a stock that is sold on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange).

What are we doing next week?: From next week we will start to focus more on the different financial metrics and how we can use them to make decisions on which stocks to buy.


Day 1: February 7, 2021

What We Did Today: We talked about the different types of investments. Investing by owning, investing by lending and cash. We also talked about risk tolerance and how everyone will have a different risk tolerance depending on their life and personality. Finally we also touched upon stocks and what they are.

What They Have to Do: Play the investment challenge and sell their short term stock for a new one.

What are we doing next week?: Learning about the different stock markets and how companies can get on the stock market.



Hi Everyone!


Welcome to Camp Millionaire! 

My name is Nitish.  I am a Finance Teacher for Explorer Hop and will also be your child's financial coach the next month. I am so excited to be working with your kids. The purpose of Camp Millionaire Level 1 is to give them a foundation on how investing works. During the course of this program, they will learn all the fundamental information they need about stocks.  This will allow them to analyze stock information on their own. 

All participants will play an Investment Challenge with a virtual portfolio of $10,000 and will apply what they learn right away.  We find this is the most effective way for them to absorb financial information. 

All updates to the program, including our daily winners, will be provided here, so please do check at the end of the day.  

Need from Parents:  Please can you complete the Student Information Form before the class. Here is the link:

Zoom Links for the Program: 

Here is the information you need to connect to the program on Sunday. The line will open 10 minutes before the class starts.  

Class 1:  1:00 - 3:00 PM EST

Zoom Link:

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