Spring break registration now open!!

Camp Millionaire Level 2 (Jan 2021)

Week 3 (Jan 18-24)

What we covered: 

  • Understand Indexes and ETFs
  • Compare ETFs to Mutual Funds & Stocks
  • How to invest in ETFs

What they need to do: 

  1. Trade in 2 ETFs (2 separate days) based on the Indexes they have chosen. 

Note:  The Saturday class has been moved to Sunday at the same time and the same zoom. 

Week 2 (Jan 11-17)

What we covered: 

  • Understanding details on mutual funds
  • Different fund types
  • Sectors, Geographical Regions, Portfolios

What they need to do: 

  1. Trade 2-3 mutual funds.  Spend time researching and find funds that you would invest in. 

Note:  The Saturday class has been moved to Sunday at the same time and the same zoom. 

Week 1 (Jan 4-10) 

What we covered: 

  • Fundamentals of mutual funds
  • How they are created
  • How they work
  • Charges involved with it 
  • Basic Search criteria on Morningstar

What they need to do: 

  1. Spend some time on Morningstar.ca (Click on Funds then Fund Selector) to find a Mutual fund they would like to Invest in. 
  2. Copy/Paste the name of that mutual fund (don't add the series part) and get the mutual fund ticker from Yahoo Finance (Morningstar does not give it to you). 

For those who are in the competition, I wish you lots of luck!!


Hi Everyone!

I am looking forward to working with the kids again. 

In Level 2 we learn all about Mutual Funds & ETFs. 

Here are the Zoom links.  Please make sure you attend the class that you had signed up for. 

Tuesday + Friday Session (5-6pm EST / 2-3PM PST (Vancouver Time)


Sunday (11am-1pm EST / 8-10am PST (Vancouver Time) 


Note to parents: 

Since the classes are small, you are also able to switch classes if a week does not work for you. Just let me know before hand.  

Don't forget to register for the Global Investment Competition - there are only 10 spots left.  https://explorerhop.com/pages/global-investment-challenge  Use code THANKS15



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