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Camp Millionaire Level 3 - Saturdays 12-2

Day 4: March 27, 2021

What We Did Today: We pivoted to talk about ETFs and the pros and cons of ETFs vs a mutual fund. We also talked about investing in gold and why people invest in gold over stocks at times. However, we did come to the realization that investing in stocks longterm is almost always the better investment to make.

What's Next: Camp Millionaire Level 4!


Day 3: March 20, 2021

What We Did Today: We continued our world tour talking about Africa, the second most populated continent on the planet. We also talked about the Americas, North America and South America and what the investment/economical landscape looks like for both. We also talked about the concept of demonetization.

What they need to do: The students all got their account info to the virtual trading platform. The site is back up and running and they have been instructed to buy both a long term and short term stock. Both those stocks must be for a company that is from outside of North America.


Day 2: March 13, 2021

What We Did Today: We talked about the Australia and New Zealand and what investing in those markets look like. We also learned about the concepts of inflation, hyperinflation and devaluation. How those things happen, what is normal, what is abnormal and why a company might want to force their currency value down.


Day 1: March 6, 2021

What We Did Today: We talked about the Asian market and why it has such great potential for investment. We learned about the two markets in Asia: Asia Developed and Asia Emerging. We also looked into China, the fastest growing economic market in the world. We talked about China's relations with Honk Kong and Taiwan and the impact that these relations have on investors.


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