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Camp Millionaire: Mar 31 - Apr 23

Week 4: Apr 23

What we learned: 

Today was our last day and we learned about how to interpret graphs to understand how a stock is doing. We got to bring everything we learned together to evaluate different stocks. We also discussed how different events and trends in the economy affect how companies and the stock market.    

What's next?

Camp Millionaire Level 2! 

Week 4: Apr 21

What we learned: 

Today we learned about the Price to Earnings ratio and how we can use it to compare companies across all industries and decide if a stock is worth buying or not. We discussed why some companies have higher P/E ratios than others and what some economic factors are that can impact that number. 

We also looked into an annual report and learned about what to look for to decide if a company is financially healthy or not - who and what to compare them to. 

We also invested in another company and used all of the things we've learned so far to make a decision about what company to buy. 

For our final class, we'll be learning about graphs and trends and bringing everything together so we can go out and invest with confidence! 

Week 3: Apr 16

What we learned: 

  • Compared companies with different betas
  • Dividends - what they are, why companies pay them, dividend amount vs. dividend yield, how to compare different dividend paying companies
  • Earnings - how to calculate how much a company earns, where to research earnings, financial reports and earning dates
  • Earnings per share (EPS) and how to compare different companies
  • Bought a Canadian dividend paying stock 

What we're doing this week: 

  • Researching two more companies and using all of the tools we've learned so far to evaluate different businesses
  •  Reading one annual earnings report of a company we want to invest in 

Week 3: Apr 14

What we learned: 

  • More about different sized market caps and what they say about a company 
  • Beta - what it is, what it tells you about a company compared to the market, how it's calculated
  • Researched more stocks to invest in with different betas

Week 2: Apr 9

What we learned: 

  • Currency conversions and different types of currency and how that affects how many stocks we can buy 
  • Market capitalization - different size companies, why market cap changes, who decides market cap, how to calculate market cap
  • Researched more stocks to invest in  

Week 2: Apr 7

What we learned: 

  • Invested in our first long term stock and short term stock 
  • Understanding how to identify stocks in different locations
  • Which assets are liquid 
  • Open and close prices 

What's next: 

  • Research stocks listed on the TSX and make 2 trades on the platform

Week 1: Mar 31 & Apr 2

What we learned: 

  • The different types of investments 
  • Basics of Investing and risk tolerance
  • How stock markets work
  • How to research companies we want to invest in
  • Investing in our first trades

What our young investors need to do
1) Login to  Use your PIN and First Name


2) Decide how much you want to invest LONG TERM.  Remember, the stock you buy long term you will hold for 8 weeks.  Make sure you leave some money for short term (the stock you will change every week) 


3) Go ahead and buy your Long Term & Short Term Stocks.  Remember all the information is easily available on Yahoo Finance.  If you are buying the stock after 4.00PM EST (1.00PM PST-Vancouver Time), you need to get the After-Hours price because the market has shut.  (You will learn more about that next week).  When you are done check your statement to make sure your stocks are there.  

 4) Things to discuss with your family and friends:  Next week, you will invest in a Canadian stock. Spend some time talking to your family and friends and come up with a list of 3 stocks. 



Explorer Hop is an innovative financial literacy and entrepreneurship program based in Toronto, Canada.  Over the last year, more than 3500 students from over 14 countries have been in our programs.  

This is the first step in our 8 level program to teach kids how to invest. 

Please bookmark this page as updates will be provided here. 

Our Camp Millionaire 1 program is designed to teach kids ages 11+ how to invest in the stock market.  Our students learn through hands-on interactive investment games, proactive discussions and collaborative research- all in a stress-free environment. Our programs and students have been recognized and featured on BBC, Global News, The Canadian Jewish News and more

Financial literacy is a vital skill in our lives and yet so few have it.   By empowering our kids with a good foundation in investing we are enabling our kids to make practical, money-savvy decisions as they prepare for their future. Our program helps put them on this path of success. 

Think about how amazing it will be when your Grade 7 child can look at a company and analyze the stock information for themselves!  This is just the first confident step they take on their investing journey.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, we will be learning all about the stock market.  They will learn everything from what is Market Cap to Dividends. As we learn, kids will be investing in our Stock Market Challenge, where they will each manage a virtual stock portfolio of $10k with real-time stock market feeds.  The money is virtual but the prices and decisions they make have real-time implications. 

Move over Warren Buffett - our Young Investors are about to take over! 

Zoom Link for the class:  

Link to the Investment Challenge:

You will need your PIN and First Name to login. 

DISCORD channel:

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