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Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website

April 12th to April 16th

12:30 - 1:30pm EST

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We had a great class today talking about how to design our websites in a way that is as user friendly as possible! We started off the class by going over the differences between User Interface and User Experience and how they both depend on each other in order to make a successful website. We then took some time to explore the differences between desktop site design and mobile site design and how web designers are having to adapt to the changes in technology and the changes in how people are accessing websites as a result.

We then had an online scavenger hunt! We scoured the web for examples of websites we liked and websites we didn’t and then discussed why the design did or did not work well! Everyone came up with great websites!!

After our scavenger hunt we started to work on our homepage on Wix! We worked on adding a menu bar and changing the colours and text to make it unique. We also added a title to introduce our website to our viewers! 

For homework today, continue to work on your homepage and have a menu bar and title added for next class!

Tomorrow we will be learning about blogs! We will cover what they are, why they are important, how to write one, and how to add it to our website. If you’d like to, you can start brainstorming ideas about what to write on your blog tonight!

See you all tomorrow! 

-Kaitlin :)

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