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Create Your Own Website (July 18 - 22, 2022)

Create Your Own Website (July 18 - 22, 2022)

Welcome to Explorer Hop! 

Create Your Own Website is a fun five day introduction to website design! We will be covering the essentials of website design such as: Internet safety, Graphic Design for the Web, and How to Maximize their Websites Potential. This course aims to provide your child with website design know-how and tech confidence that they can bring with them in all their future website building endeavours! 


My name is Kelly Wan, a graphic designer with a bachelor degree in Illustration.  I am so excited to start website making class next week! 


For our first class your child will need an email to log into our web designing site and access to a web browser such as Google.


Please bookmark this page as daily updates will be provided here. 


When: July 18th-22nd


Time: 1-2 pm (EST - Toronto)


Looking forward to our first class!




Day 1


We had a great first day of Website making class! Today, we created our Wix accounts to get started and created our first domain name. We had a lecture about the importance of Internet safety, different types of websites, and how colors and typography play a big part in designing a website. 

Tomorrow, we're going to set up our homepage, discuss what UX and responsive designs are and good design versus  bad design. 


For homework, once you have chosen a business for your website and think about colors, texts and graphics that speak well of your idea.


See you all tomorrow. :)




Day 2


Today, we discussed what UX, Ui and responsive designs are and how they are important design considerations in creating a good website! We have taken a look at examples of websites with good design and bad designs. Now that we learned what makes up a successful website, we can apply good designs to our own website pages. 

We also started creating our homepage. We learned that a homepage should be an introductory to our business, and we looked at different examples.

Tomorrow we will be adding more pages to our website!


For homework, finish up your homepage! Remember to add a navigation bar and logo for your business.




Day 3


Everyone created an amazing homepage! We moved on to creating a blog page. We've discussed what blogs are and how they are used to drive traffic to the website. We learned how to add elements like titles and images to the page.

Tomorrow we will be learning how to add an ‘About You’ section which will consist of images, text, and other decorations. We will also be learning about analytics and how we can use them on Wix.


For homework, finish up your blogs and contact pages!




Day 4


Today, we discussed what analytics are, 4 types of Analytics and their usage on websites to create a better user experience for the visitors. We added an analytic feature in Wix on our website called 'Visitor Analytics' to view different statistics of data such as page visits, page view, etc.

After the lecture, we created an About page, where we added our introduction in detail, and photos.


On our last day tomorrow, we'll take a look at how we can protect our pages, add buttons and finally, we'll present our website!


Can't wait to see how wonderfully Amaya and Dharma designed their website!


See you tomorrow. :)




Day 5

In our final class, we added a button with a link, locked each page with a password and finally published our website! I showed them how we can edit the page and unpublish the website. We did a show and tell of what we have created so far! I was amazed at how beautifully they designed the website! 

Congrats to everyone on publishing their first website and I hope they had fun creating it! 

Thank you and stay safe!

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