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We had an amazing first day at VTT, it was such a pleasure to meet everyone and to work with the VTT staff!

We had an information packed first session as we jumped into the basics of website design! Today we talked about the elements that make up a webpage and how we can view web pages on the internet using search engines. We then went over the importance of internet safety and explored the concept of a digital footprint. After which we discussed ways we can keep our information private on the internet. 

Next, we explored a few design rules that will help us create a successful website and learned about navigation tools such as menu bars and footers. 

Then we got to work! We set up our domains (website name) and started to work on our homepage's, changing the colour of the background, adding images, videos, and even a menu bar. For homework students can continue to work on their homepage's throughout the week. 

Our next class will be held on May 7th and we will be learning about the importance of user experience while working on our feature pages for various school subjects such as, math/science, humanities, Judaics/Hebrew, and a special interests page. 


See you soon for another VTT Friday!


Kaitlin :)

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