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e-Camp Millionaire Level 3 (January 2020)

Week 3: Europe

Understanding the economy and currencies of Europe is significant as it is the second largest trading bloc on the globe.  We learned also about the implications of interest rate and foreign exchange.  Students need to trade in 3 different stock markets with 3 different currencies. 

Challenge:  Next week we have a competition on the currencies  Learn all the major currencies and it's exchange rate with USD.  Winner gets a boost of $100 in their portfolios.   

Week 2: Africa + Australasia

Today we learned about investing in Africa and Australasia.  We learned about income distribution, resources and potentials in both continents.  The students also learned some interesting facts about powder milk production and sheep in New Zealand!  Invest in 3 stock markets in each continent.  

Week 1: Asia

Today we learned about investing in Asia.  We focused on 4 countries: India, China, Japan and South Korea.  Over the course of the week they will invest a lot in these countries. By the time I see them next week they should know the codes for all the major currencies, what are the major stock markets in Asia and also what are the leading companies there. Invest! Invest! Invest till you know all of that!  


Hi Everyone

I am so excited to see all of you again. Camp Millionaire Level 3 is my favorite level to teach.  

Throughout this month, you will learn how to invest in different countries.  By the end of the month, you will have invested in every major stock market in the world. 

The class meets on Wednesdays from 5-7pm. 

Here is the Zoom link:

All updates will be given here so please bookmark this page.  

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