e-Kid Entrepreneurs April 12 - 16

Time: 10 am - 12 pm

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Day 5


Today is Costume Day! There were some very interesting and cool costumes!

We talked about the different languages around the world and how to say the word "lemonade" in many languages! As for today's Hello Song, we listened to a Christmas Carol "Deck the Halls".

Today is a more relaxed day as students finished up the recipe book. There are so many great ideas, creativity, and wonderful pictures!

The students really enjoyed the activities throughout the week and highlighted some of their favourites.

Thank you all for a wonderful and fun week. See you again soon!


Day 4


Today is Colour Day! The students wore some very colourful clothing and shared their favourite colours. We also played a colour game! The Hello Song of the day was "The Entertainer".

We introduced the idea of product pricing and discussed its importance. The students had the opportunity to create their own web pages that contains the product descriptions, prices, and included some really great photos!

Next Class (Tomorrow): The theme for next class is Costume Day so come in with some awesome (can be Hallowe'en) costumes! We will wrap up with the recipe book and have a lemonade party! 

Prepare for a fun day!


Day 3


Today is PJ and Stuffie Day! The students wore their PJ's and brought their favourite stuffies to class. The students shared their stories of their stuffies and included a lot of details! To go with the theme of the day, the Hello Song are the lullabies from Schubert and Brahms. 

We introduced the idea of product pitches and the key parts of what to include. The students had the opportunity to create their product pitches and each gave a presentation. They are all so creative!

Next Class (Tomorrow): The theme for next class is colour day, so wear something that is bright and colourful! We will be learning about product pricing and we will create sample web pages and business descriptions. We will also continue to work on our recipe book.

See you all then!


Day 2


Hello song for today is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and many of the students recognized the tune! 

We introduced the idea of marketing and learned that it means to spread the word. It is also very important when selling our product. We created a marketing plan by making posters and as well as recipes. The students were focused and extremely creative!

Next Class (Tomorrow): The theme for next class is PJ stuffie fruit snack day, so come in with your favourite stuffies! We will be learning about product pitches and we will continue to work on our recipe book.

Everyone worked hard and did well today! 


Day 1

It's so great to meet all of you!


We did a great introduction with some songs (Minuet in G) and an icebreaker game. We talked about the goals of this program: to start a virtual lemonade business. We talked about the three types of businesses: for profit, not for profit, and charity. We also picked a charity to donate to: Daily Bread Food Bank.

We talked about what makes businesses successful, the importance of company names and logos. The students had the chance to create their company name and logos. The decided company name is: Lemon City. What a cool and catchy name!

Next Class (Tomorrow): The theme for next class is crazy hair day, so come in with some fun and crazy hair! We will be creating marketing plans, posters, and as well as the recipe book. For the snack break, please bring in a veggie snack to complement our crazy hair day theme!

See you all next class!



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e-Kid Entrepreneurship Program:

The goal is to create a recipe book featuring lemonade and various delicious treats! Students will develop creativity skills by making their own logos, sales pitch, and marketing plans. 

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