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Toronto French School - Kids Camp Millionaire Class (Apr 15 - May 13, 2023)

Toronto French School - Kids Camp Millionaire Class (Apr 15 - May 13, 2023)

Class 1: April 15, 2023

Welcome to Explorer Hop Kids Camp Millionaire class! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of you in person! In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on our progress so watch this space!

Students were very enthusiastic about discussing what they know about money! In the class on April 15, we did the following: 

  • Students discussed what they know about a savings, spending, and investing account 
  • Each student was given 3 sheets of paper to make three envelopes titled ( savings, spending, investing) 
  • They were then asked to flip the envelope on the back and write down what they would save for, spend on, and invest in *If you flip the envelope, you’ll see their marvelous ideas!*
  • Students wanted to use their savings envelopes for their education, future home, and emergency funds for the future. 
  • Spending for essentials like food & clothing and in the near future possibility transportation and housing! 
  • Lastly, students wanted to invest their money in traveling, education, buying a home, and even retirement.   

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week on Saturday April 22, 2023!

Class 2: April 22, 2023

Our class on Saturday for Kids Camp Millionaire introduced students to

* Understand the value of money
* Learn to save money at a young age
* Understand why money is important in today’s world
* Discover what it means to make the right financial decisions (Setting realistic goals)

A) Students learned about the golden rules of saving, rule #1- wait to buy what you want, thinking about what you are spending on and making a plan, rule #2- and choosing how you spend (do I need it? Will I use it? Can I pay for it twice?

B) Learning about budgeting and saving for the future. Students were introduced to rule #3- the earlier you start saving the more money you will have in the future!

C) Understanding how money came about was also discussed. This covered information on how the penny “disappeared”, the importance of animals like the beaver and caribou on Canadian coins, the people on Canadian bills and their relevance, the material (paper to plastic), and the colours to differentiate the value.

Students were enthusiastic about participating and contributed greatly to this class. Students were encouraged to let their parents know that they deserve their own bank accounts!

Class 3: April 29, 2023

What a great class we had!  

Zoe and Cameron brought in the coins they had collected from the Scavenger Hunt and we counted them out.  

  • Zoe had $37.70
  • Cameron had $8 


We then learned about the golden rules of savings which we will follow up on next week as well.  

This week, all students are Waste Warriors - their job is to point out when anyone is wasting food or other resources (leaving lights on, driving instead of walking short distances etc), because by reducing waste, they are learning how to save more.  Please support them at home when they point out what resources are being wasted.  

They will also come next week with their goals for savings written down. They should write what they are saving up for.  

Note: For students who purchased the app, you should have received a notice to login to the learning platform.  If you have not, please contact us asap. 

See you on Saturday! 

Class 4- May 6, 2023

Students participated highly in contributing and recalling what was learned in last week’s class. This was impressive! Students learned about banks and the different types. I.e., local banks, world banks, and credit unions. The roles that individuals have in the bank were also discussed like what the bank teller does? The financial manager? hey learned the features of a savings and chequing account and were able to define the meaning of depositing and withdrawing money. They were lastly given homework which asks them to find three banks and compare them based on the criteria they learned about. Each student took home their own paper with their notes on it for the assignment instructions.

Class 5- May 13, 2023

Wow!  These Kid Entrepreneurs really nailed it!!  They were simply FANTASTIC!  They were disciplined, focused and brought in the sales.  Hats off to them. 

Here are their sales: 

Cash Sales: $220.00

Credit Card Sales: $20.00

Online Sales: $58.00

Total Sales: $298.00

Minus expenses (Lemonade + Cups) : $20.00

Total Profit: $278.00


The funds have been donated to Sick Kids for their Celiac Clinic. 

Certificates:  All children will receive certificates - please complete this link so we have the correct spelling of your child’s name:

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