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Toronto French School - Kids Entrepreneurs Class (Apr 15 - May 13, 2023)

Toronto French School - Kids Entrepreneurs Class (Apr 15 - May 13, 2023)

Welcome to Explorer Hop Kids Entrepreneurs class! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of you in person! In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on our progress so watch this space!

Class 1: Apr 15, 2023

Children were introduced to thinking about “how to make a lemonade stand?” Based on previous students’ experience and their own knowledge starting from scratch. Students brainstormed this idea in an orderly manner by

  • Thinking about a name for their banner which they all mutually agreed to call it “ Cool Kids Lemonade Stand” 
  • The price for each cup of lemonade will be $2
  • The goal to reach selling lemonade is $200! 
  • Students will use the money earned to donate to SickKids Foundation, specifically for celiac disease  
  • Donation: Sick Kids Hospital (goal: $200) 

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week on Saturday April 22, 2023! We will be working on to create our banner.

Class 2: April 22, 2023

Our second class on Saturday for Kids Entrepreneurs allowed students to participate by recalling ideas for their banner from the previous week. The goal was for students to agree on their poster design on for their lemonade stand. Students all came to an agreement that their lemonade stand to be called “Cool Kids Lemonade”. Students participated by choosing fonts, colours and images to create their ideal logo. Students also decided on their lemonade’s price, size, and description for their customers to launch on Students left this class, each with a specific task and role in this business!

Students asked to link so parents can give them access! Here is the link: Through this platform, you can create and design different types of graphics, such as posters, flyers, invitations, social media posts, and so forth. With Canva, you can choose from a wide variety of templates, images, icons, and fonts to customize your design to your liking. It is a free platform, although some premium features are available for a fee.

Canva Link:

Access is open to everyone to edit.

Lemonade Stand on Explorer Hop website:

QR code with Lemonade Stand page:


Class 3: April 29, 2023

Wow! What a class we had!  The energy from these young entrepreneurs is outstanding!  

Finnegan made a video pitch which has been added to their company page - check it out!  

He and Lily also made some quite amazing posters.  Here they are:  



Today we started identifying what we need for our lemonade stand and how to make it more appealing so more people will come.  We went through Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance.

Here are the tasks: 

1) Charles:  Create a sheet where he can track how many small and large cups will be sold.  We went through it in class using the counts he knows. 

2) Etta + Lily:  Create a playlist with the music to play 

3) William: Share the poster with your class teacher and ask her to spread the word. 

4) Finnegan: Make more posters as well if you have time. 

5) Lily:  Finish your poster add the QR code

6) Cole: Thanks for researching the price of the lemonade! 

7) Michael: Share the poster with your class teacher and ask her to spread the word. 

Next week:  We will be getting everything ready for for our lemonade stand which includes the banners and working on our sales pitch. 

Lemonade stand date:  May 13:  9.00 - 10.00am.  

Lemonade stand uniform:  PLEASE DO NOT BUY THINGS - Use whatever you have.  The kids have decided they want to wear the following: 

  • Shades 
  • Yellow shirts (or anything with yellow on it)
  • Blue pants / jeans 

If you don't have blue shirts or yellow shirts - wear anything you have that is close. 

Parents:  Please share the link with all your friends and family.  We hope they will all come to support the kids.  Here is the link: 

Class 4: May 6, 2023

Today our kid entrepreneurs learned all about making a pitch! They understood what it meant to advertise their product in a way that convinces their customers to buy their lemonade. Students were able to
1. Explain their product to be able to explain to their customers what they are selling
2. Why their customers should buy from them
3. What will they be doing with the money?

Students further collaborated together to create their banners! A total of 9 pages were distributed and each student had the opportunity to design their page which will be displayed at the lemonade stand next week Saturday May 13, 2023 from 9:00-10:00 am. Hope to see all friends and family supporting our young entrepreneurs!

Class 5: May 13, 2023

And they nailed it! Wow!  They were disciplined, focussed, and they delivered a very successful sold-out lemonade stand!  Bravo to all our Young Entrepreneurs!

Here are the accounts of their sales: 

Sales in Cash: $221.00

Sales with Credit Card: $15.00

Sales Online: $58.00

Total Sales: $294.00

Minus costs (Lemonade + cups): $16.00

Total Profit: $278.00

All proceeds have been sent to Sick Kids for their Celiac Clinic.  

 Enjoy the video! 

Certificates:  All children will receive certificates - please complete this link so we have the correct spelling of your child’s name:

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