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Toronto French School - Young Entrepreneurs Class (Apr 15 - May 13, 2023)

Toronto French School - Young Entrepreneurs Class (Apr 15 - May 13, 2023)

Welcome to Explorer Hop Young Entrepreneurs class! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of you in person! In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on our progress so watch this space!

Class 1: Apr 15, 2023

We focused on introducing the concept of business and its different types. We gave examples and brainstormed business ideas, and even had the students decide on a charity where money from the business would go. Additionally, we worked on creating logos for their business on Canva.

For the next class, we will work towards sales and marketing strategies. We will be creating posters to advertise their products, developing sales pitches and jingles, and discuss various pricing strategies.

Poster making will be done on Canva hence, if students know how to use Canva they can bring their laptops - but they would be responsible for them. Please keep them safely.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the next class!

Class 2: Apr 22, 2023

In our last class, we had a productive session where we recapped what was covered in the previous class, and then proceeded to finalize the logo for our product. We also did some poster-making on Canva. Additionally, we had our students finalize the price of the product, keeping in mind the profit margin, and then work out the operations plan. Furthermore, we discussed the marketing plans and also students came out with different pricing strategies. Lastly, we made a website through which our product will be sold online.

I am proud of the progress that the students have made and I am excited to see their continued growth in these areas.

here is the logo that Hedy made which is the best one any of our Young Entrepreneurs have made ever!

QR code for product page:

This is how the poster #1 looks like:

Access is open to everyone, so please feel free to edit.

And here is poster #2

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the next class.

Class 3: Apr 29, 2023

In the last class, we worked on operations plan to sell freezies in the next class and I am proud to say that the students put in a lot of effort to make it happen.

We created posters that will be displayed on the stand and even worked on our sales pitch. Each student was assigned a specific role, with Edward acting as the CEO to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Marco and Juliette will be handling the money, while Charlton and Hedy will be handing out the freezies to our customers. Max and Aiden will be inviting people to come and try our freezies.

To ensure the success of our business, we asked them to bring certain things from their home.
These are:

Juliette-table cloth and a box to keep money
Charlton -a cooling box along with ice
Hedy- posters done in class

Our club is called Penguin Refresher and we are raising money for the Humane Society. We also worked on newsletter to promote our product and get school folks excited about what we are doing.

Before the end of the day, we will be dropping off the posters we created on Canva so that they can be put up in school. I am proud of the effort that you all are putting in and I am confident that our sales will be a success.

Posters are as listed:

also on our Canva link:


QR code for product page:

Thank you!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in the next class.

Class 4: May 6, 2023


Wow!  I am so impressed by these Young Entrepreneurs.  

Please share these numbers with the business pros!

Here are the proceeds of their work: 

Cash Sales = $132.00

Credit Card Sales = $80.00

Total sales = $212.00

Minus Cost of Freezies: $40.99

Total Profit: $171.01

For those of you who do not know, just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong today!  Our Young Entrepreneurs learned a very important life lesson on how to make business even when things are not quite ok.  

We had partially frozen freezies and they came up with the genius idea of selling them as slushies!!  Fantastic!

We will be back out selling next week. 

Next week:  Humane society has promised to zoom in to say Thank you to the our young entrepreneurs.  

We will have our Kid Entrepreneurs (Grades 1-3)  selling Lemonade from 9 - 10am, and then our Young Entrepreneurs will start their Freezie (or slushie) sale after that!

Bravo to all our Young Entrepreneurs for an excellent sales day and for overcoming all the obstacles that came in the way.  


Class 5: May 12, 2023

And we are sold out!!  Today our Young Entrepreneurs reply proved their worth and sold out of all the freezies!  Amazing.

First we had a meeting with Ivana from Toronto Humane Society which was great.

Then it was back to selling!  We were short 4 of our team but the remaining 3 were brilliant!  

Here is the final accounts;

sales from May 5: $171.01 (see above) 

cash sales from May 11: $120.00

credit card sales from May 11: $88.00

Total profit: $379.01

Check out our amazing Young Entrepreneurs here on Youtube!

All the money has been donated to Humane Society of Toronto. 

Certificates:  All children will receive certificates - please complete this link so we have the correct spelling of your child’s name:

Next Steps:  

If your child is going into Grade 6 & 7 next year -  I would recommend our  Teen Entrepreneurs or Camp Millionaire 

If your child is going into Grades 4 & 5 next year - I would recommend the following courses: Young Entrepreneurs (most kids do it multiple times as the business is always different), Junior Camp Millionaire, Model UN, or Boardgame Ninja where they create their own Boardgame which they then sell online.   

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