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Explorer Hop In Person Kid Entrepreneurs Class

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Explorer Hop Kid Entrepreneurs class! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of you in person! In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on our progress so watch this space!

Day 1: Kid Entrepreneurs

Grades 1-3 (10:15AM-11:15AM)

Topics Discussed

  • The session started with an introduction to the concept of entrepreneurship and also discussed the various characteristics of an entrepreneur.
  • After learning about the various aspects of entrepreneurship, the students created a business plan and started selling lemonade. They named their venture "The Best Lemonade Stand Ever."
  • They started to create the logo for their company, the students were introduced to the concept of marketing through a funnel approach. They then discussed the first step in creating awareness.


Day 2: Kid Entrepreneurs

Grades 1-3 (10:15AM-11:15AM)

Topics Discussed

  • The session started with a discussion on the important points and writing blurb about our business.

Who we are: We are the people of the lemonade stand and we have “the best taste ever”!

Why should people come to buy from our store?

What makes our lemonade stand amazing.

Who we are raising money for: We are raising money for Green Thumbs growing Kids.

When and where is the lemonade stand: In front of the senior school at Toronto French School named TFS. Our lemonade stand is on March 4th.

  • After this, we discussed “Pricing” , what would be our total costing and how much should be the price of one glass of lemonade. (Including Cost of Sugar + Lemons + Glasses + decorations).

·  We started to create a website for marketing and raising awareness among people.

Day 3: Kid Entrepreneurs

Grades 1-3 (10:15AM-11:15AM)

Topics Discussed

  • As part of the session, we started with a video providing examples of how to design a sales funnel, create awareness, and make a sales pitch.
  • In class, students created posters for a lemonade stand using Canva.

Hand Made Posters By Students:

***Please note there will be a 2 weeks break starting this Sat and the next. Classes will resume Feb 25, please ensure your child finishes his/her project during this period.***

Day 4: Kid Entrepreneurs

Grades 1-3 (10:15AM-11:15AM)

Topics Discussed

  • The session started with the discussion on the important points related to Dress code, pitching more for sales and marketing regarding our Lemonade stand on March 4th.
  • After this, discussed and prepared the list of people who are most likely to visit our lemonade stand so that we can have an idea of number of people visiting our “Lemonade Stand”.
  • Created the Shopify link and barcode to be shared with people for making orders.
  • Collected student’s pictures to be displayed on the website for advertisement and marketing activity, as follows:


Posters to promote our lemonade stand this weekend!

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