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Explorer Hop In Person Model UN Class

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Explorer Hop Model UN class! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of you in person! In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on our progress so watch this space!

Day 1: Model UN (9AM to 10AM)                                                           21 Jan 2023

Topics Discussed

  • We began with an introduction session. Students were introduced to the concept of debate. The importance of debating. 
  • The opening of the debate, addressing the opponent in debate, and naming the debate session.
  • Introducing the UN and explaining how and when it was founded.
  • Debate Soup was the name given to the debate session later on by students. Then, they were asked to choose an issue or problem to discuss.
  • In voting, students decided the topic “If free homes should be provided by the government to the homeless or not”.
  • Many good points were discussed by the students related to the topic

See you next week!

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