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Explorer Hop In Person Young Entrepreneurs Class

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Explorer Hop Young Entrepreneurs class! We had such a wonderful time meeting all of you in person! In the coming weeks we will be providing updates on our progress so watch this space!

Day 1: Sat Jan 21, 2023

    • The introduction to business and advice on how to launch your own ventures came first in the workshop.

    • They were then instructed on how to make their firm successful after being asked about their own, excellent ideas.

    • They were instructed to draw their logos using their own imagination, and as a result, they produced a variety of logo designs for the pet industry.

    • In the end, we all together came up with the idea for an online company called Purrfect toys. We designed the logo and discussed the contents of the company

    Day 2: Sat Jan 28, 2023

    • We began class by reviewing previous class work, and then we looked at everyone's dog and cat toys and took pictures of them, which I will share with you.
    • Following that, we wrote a description for the product page on the website, which included pricing. And then assigned everyone roles in website management.
    • We all started making a book for cat toys, and I showed the kids how to make a cover page and then write descriptions of each toy, including pictures. The link for google docs (book) will be shared by you with students and they can also add anything from their side.
    • Children learned about marketing and how to reach out to potential customers. 

    The assigned roles are:

    Marketing manager: Tegh

    Operations manager: Grayson

    Finance manager: Charlotte

    Book Cover - Purrfect Toys


    1. Take any type of string at home.
    2. Find any soft kind of spring.
    3. Connect a string on a spring and then tie it properly together.  
    4. It's ready to enjoy with your cat!

    For anyone looking to contribute more to our book please edit directly HERE or copy and paste this link to your browser:

    Day 3: Feb 4, 2023

    • Children began to learn about marketing and conversion. Then I showed them more examples of how to market and advertise their website.
    • Following that, we created a QR code and began creating posters. In addition, the kids will make posters at home and send them to us.
    • Finally, we wrote a charitable letter to the Toronto Humane Society. I'd like you to go over it and make any necessary changes. I will send the letter separately.

    The link for the poster is:

    The QR code for the website: Purrfect Toys

    or alternatively,



    The letter for charity:

    Hi Toronto Humane Society

    Feb 4, 2023

     Subject: Requesting for allowing us to donate.

     We are 3 kids launching a business of Cat and Dog toys called Purrfect Toys.

     This website includes books for creating toys with things at home for dogs and cats. They are easy to make and very fun for pets.

     Would you consider letting us donate most of our proceeds to help the animals get home so they are not abandoned. We hope this money will help the foster animals with everything they need.

    Thanks and Regards

    Grayson, Tegh and Charlotte

    ***Please note that there will be a 2 weeks break starting this Sat and the next. Classes will resume Feb 25*** 

    Day 4: Feb 25, 2023

    10:15 am to 12:15 pm

    Course: Young Entrepreneur (Grade 5)


    • We developed an operations plan for everyone, deciding which tasks should be assigned to whom and when they should be completed.
    • Charlotte and Tegh were in class making posters for marketing and advertising Purrfect toys. Charlotte designed the book cover as well.
    • We decided to post our book on Amazon in the middle of class, so we added games for dogs and cats and expanded our pages.
    • Grayson will add more cat toys and games, and Charlotte and Tegh will create more dog toys and games until the next class.
    • Finally, I demonstrated how to edit books for both cats and dogs. We also decided on ways to advertise our product.
    • Some posters are attached here which were created by students. Also, the books are edited and will be edited.






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