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Day 5 & Day 6 (October 10 & October 18, 2023)

Our product web site it up!!  Please check it out: Spread the word!!

A huge shout out to George and Milo for the insanely fantastic logo.  Truly one of the best we have had.  

For Parents:  Please buy your hot chocolate and games online!  Our Young Entrepreneurs have worked very hard on it.  

This week, we started to work on Marketing and we started to learn how to raise awareness.  Their goal is to tell everyone about their business.  

Day 4 (Oct 4, 2023) 

We have made some serious headway in our board game design.  My hope is to have the game wrapped up by next week so that we can focus on marketing the product.  

It has struck me how incredibly artistic these kids are.  From insane hand drawings, to 3-D designing - the class is literally overflowing with ideas. 

Here are the decisions that were made: 

  1. Our Board has a circular shape - very cool!
  2. List of obstructions have been decided and the cards are underway in Canva.  George will work on the drawings for these.  I will leave the printouts of the cards with Paige so he knows what to draw. 
  3. How to illustrate obstructions also decided - this will be by spoons - Thank you Divi! 
  4. Our trading cards - I'm not entirely clear how to tie the trading cards to the game as we seem to be having multiple lines of ideas here but that will be resolved next class after the Trading card team completes the design.  
  5. Our game pieces - Charlie wants to build them in 3D printing so he's going to try to make small mini ones - no more than a centimetre big and we can see how to incorporate them. 
  6. Decisions we need to make next week:  How to make the game multi layered so that it can be played by folks in person & online and has an audience bigger than just JICS.  
  7. Final decision on the logo - we have several in the mix now.  

To do: 

1) Atlas, Milo, George, Divi : Finish the card designs - I need only 1 design per card and you can make as many cards as you want.  Please give it to Paige as soon as you are done so she can scan and send it to me. 

2) George:  Finish the drawings for the obstruction cards.  I will leave a print out with Paige so you know what to draw. 

3) Charlie: Get 1 set of mini figures for the game board ready by next week and time exactly how long it takes.  


Day 3 (Sep 27, 2023) 

We had a very productive day.  

Our business now has a name: Mug Maze 

Here is what we covered:

  • We made our first logo designs
  • Board game design is coming along
  • Character design is underway 
  • Initial advertising has started and you will see posters around the school.

The Board game has been upgraded by Atlas to have trading cards and possibly even a personalized game play. 

Charlie is going to work on designing and printing a 3D model of the logo at school


A special note of thanks to ANA who helped with a lot of the designing and has quickly mastered how to use Canva. 

Activities for this week

These activities are not homework and are not mandatory.  

DIVVI - to lead the effort to brainstorm obstructions on the board.

CHARLIE- to work on designing a 3D model of the logo

ZAMAN + WESLEY - to talk to Nick about getting Canva access on the school computers.

ATLAS: to brainstorm the trading card idea 

MILO - don’t forget to keep the design you make which we will use for the back of the board safely as I don’t have it. 

EVERYONE ELSE- work with DIVVI to create some cool obstructions on the board.

Here is our first logo

Day 2 (Sep 20, 2023) 

Wow!  We had so much imagination today.  

The whole group worked on merging all their ideas for their board game so they can start building it next week.  They don't need to build it during the week, but should have some discussions in the yard to see how they can merge it together and come ready to talk about that.  It would be really nice to see where all these organic conversations go and to see the new unified ideas. Their goal is to come up with a MVP next week. 

Here are the decisions made on the board game: 

  1. Point of the game:  Players need to be able to collect all the items they need to make a hot chocolate
  2. Board game design: Circular
  3. Add some obstructions in the game that would prevent the player from continuing normally. 

As most of the team is working as a team on the board game, we don't have all our management positions this week

Operations Manager: Charlie

He worked with the team to create an operations plan that helps the team reach their target.  Here are the key milestones that the operations team came up with!

  • Oct 11: Prototype of Board game is ready
  • Nov 8: Final board game design is ready and it is uploaded as a digital download 
  • Nov 22:  First day of Hot Chocolate Sales
  • Nov 29: Second day of Hot Chocolate Sales


Day 1 (Sep 13, 2023)

We had a wonderful introduction to the world of Entrepreneurship!  We really do have some very innovative kids there. 

Here are some of the decisions they made: 

Type of Business: Hot Chocolate Stand + Board game (with rocks in the yard used as game pieces)

Business name: <to be decided>

Charity: Patrick Harvey Arts Fund at JICS

Our Management Team changes every week, this week's roles are as follows: 

Management Team Sep 13
Marketing Manager Zach
Product Development Manager Ezra
Finance Manager Quinn
Operations Manager Bu
Sales Manager Zaman
Logistics Manager Wesley


Tasks assigned this week

Category Task Date to be completed Assigned to
Marketing Marketing survey about interest in rocks, hot chocolate, boardgames - at least 20 people talked to! Sept 20th Zach
Product Development Think about how the hot chocolate is going to be incredible. Also play board games and figure out what is fun. Sept 20th Ezra
Finance Go find out how much we can charge for hot chocolates and board games - 4 items for each type Sept 20th Quinn
Operations Working with logistics manager to make sure rocks are available for use as play pieces - check with Richard Sept 20th Bu & Wesley
Sales A picture of what would be cool on the table, and what would attract people to the table (signs, decorations) and ask Richard if we can present at the assembly Sept 20th Zaman
Sales How many lego pieces do we need for each lego fidget toy, and how much does it cost? Sept 20th Zaman
Sales Work on logo ideas and let 6th graders know about logo ideas Sept 20th Ana
Launch Day Meet with Richard and explain the ideas we have and get his buy-in Sept 20th Ana
Launch Day Get costume ready for the Cat Ninja (NOTE: You cannot buy one - use what you have) Sep 20th Ezra
Operations Meet with Grade 6 kids who missed the class today and get their input on the board game and the hot chocolate stand Sep 20th Ana + Zaman


Grade 6 entrepreneurs:  We missed you today! I hope you had a very good school trip.  Here's what I would like you to start thinking out: 

A) Ideas for a board game that meets the following criteria

  1. Is a cooperative game
  2. Can be single player or multi player
  3. Incorporates hot chocolate and arts (since we are raising money for the Arts Fund)
  4. Name of the board game 

B) Ideas for logos - I really like the idea Bu came up with that had a crayon and a mug of hot chocolate so we can build on that

C) Any other creative ideas you have!  

See you next week!  


Hey there, future business moguls and creative minds!

Welcome to the Young Entrepreneurs program, where we're about to embark on a thrilling journey of turning your coolest ideas into exciting, real-life businesses.

Picture this: As a group you get to choose any business you want to create – from a jaw-dropping invention to a trendy service or a fab drink stand! The sky's the limit, and it's all about unleashing your imagination. 

Throughout this program, you'll not only have a blast but also learn the secrets of entrepreneurship. From brainstorming brilliant ideas to building your brand, managing your finances, and marketing your fantastic creations – we've got it all covered. And guess what? There'll be plenty of high-fives, creative challenges, and maybe even a few friendly "Shark Tank" style pitches along the way.

So, get ready to discover what it takes to turn your dreams into reality and create something amazing. Are you excited? We sure are! 🚀💡🌟

To get started: 

  • Download the Student Handbook which shows you what we are going to do. 
  • Get a free account on Canva
  • If you haven't already, get a Gmail account so you can access the program drive where we will keep all your assets (that's just a fancy word for all your program ideas and work). 

Note about funds raised:  We're delighted to inform you that all sales proceeds from our Young Entrepreneurs' products will be generously contributed to the JICS Patrick Harvey Arts Fund ensuring our budding talents can reap the rewards of their dedication.

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