Junior Camp Millionaire - August 23-27

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Day 5

Today: We were learning all Advanced Loans! From Mortgage to Student Loans, we now understand the importance of secured vs. unsecured loans in our lives. 

Thank you for an awesome class! Have a great summer!


Day 4

Today: Today, we focused on credit cards! From credit score to current rewards programs, we compared some of the best and worst credit cards in the market. Now we understand debt is a bigger picture with credit card's effect on it. 

Tomorrow: We will keep going through Advanced Loans, bring any questions you have about Mortgages or Student Loans to our class today.


Day 3

Today: Banking is a big topic! I'm really glad to see you guys (Colbie, Ephrem and Jake) know so much about the baking process! We also expanded our understanding of Interest especially how it could be a good or bad thing. We also discussed about the difference between a chequing account and savings account also how debit cards differ from credit cards!

Tomorrow: We will understand credit cards and how it changes our lives for the best or the worst! Be prepared for our quiz for tomorrow and re-cap!


Day 2

Today: We were learning all about the Golden Rules of Savings. These 5 rules are amazing to learning and practise for your futures! We learned about the Interest and how is affects our long term savings!

Tomorrow: We will break down banking and why it's important to have a savings account.


Day 1

Hi everyone,

We had an amazing first day, it was so nice to meet all of you!


Today, we talked about Balanced Life. We talked about their importance in our daily lives, especially the financial aspects of it. We had a short exercise on Balanced Life where we discussed different methods to introduce a more balanced life when it comes to Money, Health and Happiness in our personal life, family and community.


We will start our Golden Rules of Savings. We will have a short demo to the Balance game (personal finance simulation game) at the end.

See you tomorrow!

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