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Junior Camp Millionaire | July 8th-12th | St. Clement's School

Day 4 - July 11th


Today, we talked about why having a job is important, what types of jobs we can do, what the concept of minimum wage is, and how we can help to reduce child labour in the world. The activity we did for this portion of class was figuring out our dream job, how much the average hourly wage would be, and therefore how much the average yearly salary is for that job.

Then we moved on to taxes, learning what all the different types of taxes are, including corporate tax, sales tax, income tax, and more! We did an activity on progressive taxation to consolidate our knowledge.

We ended our day with two games - one where the kids created a short story about finances by rolling 3 dice and getting an image for their character, setting and problem that needed to appear in their story. We also played a trivia style board game!

See you tomorrow!

Day 3 - July 10th

Hi all!

Today we completed our banking topic by learning how to write a check. Then, we learnt about parts of a loan and what all the different types of loans are. We did an activity which included creating loan contracts for each other!

We also covered more advanced loans, such as lines of credit, OSAP, loans from sources such as pawn shops, and how to identify loan sharks. We did an activity in which we eliminated any examples of loan sharks!

See you tomorrow!


Day 2 - July 9th

Hi everyone!

We had a great second day, where we looked into how to create a budget in six simple steps, which include: 

1) Calculate your net income (income after taxes)

2) Analyse past spending habits

3) Set goals

4) Put it together 

5) Make your budget

6) Stick to it

We also made our own investing, saving and spending budgets using a 50:30:20 ratio!

Then, we moved onto banking, including topics such as how banks make their money, what interest is when loaning and depositing money in a bank, what the difference is between a chequing and savings account, and what the difference is between a debit and credit card and what they each look like. We did activities such as choosing which bank has the best interest rates for loaning and depositing, and designing our own credit cards!

See you all tomorrow!


Day 1 - July 8th

Hi all!

We had a very productive class today! We began by going over what it means to have a balanced life, and how we should make sure to always balance our health, wealth and happiness. We identified differences between wants and needs, and how our values, beliefs and habits influence our personal goals and priorities.

We then went through the 5 golden rules of savings - which include wait to buy what you want, choose before you spend, start saving early, stop wasting and set a goal.

We also began to learn about what interest is, and how to calculate interest based on a set amount of money - our group was quite good at this!

See you tomorrow!


Welcome to Junior Camp Millionaire!

Welcome to the thrilling world of finance! 🌟 Get ready to embark on an exciting journey where you'll master all the different parts of the financial system which will set you up for success. Throughout this course, you'll learn about money management while doing games, playing interactive exercises and enjoying yourself as you master all things financial! 🚀💼

Meet your Instructor


Your instructor this week is Mahveen Khalil.  Mahveen has been teaching our programs in schools for more than a year and is very much loved by the students.  She is studying psychology at the University of Toronto.  She has lived in more than 4 countries and brings a very international perspective to her classes.  

She can be reached via email:

Program time and location

Date: June 24-28, 2024

Program Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm 

Address: St Clements School, 21 St. Clements Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4R 1G8

Student arrival time: 12.50pm   

The instructor will meet all the students at the gate at 12.50pm and take them to the class.  There is a lot of construction in the area, so please allow for traffic and subway delays. Please note the facility has informed us that the gates will close at 1pm so please do not be late.

Student dismissal time: 4:00pm

Students will be taken to the entrance gate at 4:00pm.  Please be at the gate on time so that the pick up is seamless.  Please note the facility has informed us that the building will close at 4pm so there is nowhere for your child to wait after that. 

What should young investors bring

  • Snack - the usual nut free, peanut free rules apply along with no-sharing of snacks due to allergies. 
  • Water Bottle

Allergies/ Health Issues

If your child has any health issues, learning concerns or allergies (including if they use an EPI pen) please email and let her know.  Due to insurance reasons, our instructors cannot dispense medication or epi pens but will call the parent and 911 in the event of a medical emergency. 

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