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Junior Camp Millionaire Level 1 (July 12-16)

My name is Rajvi and I will be your child's instructor for their Junior Camp Millionaire course. 

Through this course, they will be introduced to the concept of money, saving, budgeting and many other techniques related to responsibly managing their money. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me through my email:

Zoom Meeting

To attend this class, the students can join the zoom meeting everyday using the same link. 

Zoom Link:

Meeting Times: 4-5 pm EST (Monday - Friday)

Day 1

We learned about maintaining balance in life and about the golden rules of saving. Additionally, we played the balance game.

Day 2

We learned about how to make a budget and all the key types of expenses. Additionally, we played the balance game, where they practiced creating a budget.

Day 3

We learned about banking, so the different types of bank accounts and types of interest. 

Day 4

We learned about loans and earning money. We talked about the different types of loans and the difference between a payroll employee and a contract-based employee. 

Day 5

We learned about taxes, what types of taxes exist and why we pay taxes. 

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