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Kid Entrepreneurs Camp (Aug 22- 26, 2022)

Hello Kids!

Welcome to Kid Entrepreneurs Camp! Are you ready to unleash your creativity? Join this journey with me as we explore all your ideas together! 

My name is Sandra, your teacher for this week.
My background is a BSc (Hons) in Business Management, M.A Global Business Journalism and Certificate in Strategic Writing; and have taught kids in China, Singapore and Canada! 

Our access links for this week are:

Dates: Mon - Fri, August 22-26, 2022
Time: 10am - 11am EST - Toronto Time
Passcode:  u2RLua


Day 1: 

Teacher Alisha kindly stood in for me and I saw that we have all your ideas coming to life already! We have shared this sheet with you, and learnt all about lemonade stands! Why are lemonades so popular? How to set up your business? How to make sure it is successful? How could you make full use of this business idea? With the apple book and pinky cat, Alisha help you to design on Canva! This storybook about cats are definitely going to be popular!


Day 2:

Today we dived more into lemonade stands, and you see everything that they dedicate for their hard work - the business stands, tee shirts, lemons on the table, prices for lemonades, and customers attracting to the lemonades.

We discussed our Marketing Plan

Target Audience: people who loves lemonade as a drink as compared to sugary soft drinks, blended beverages,refreshing summer drinks, someone who wants a thirst quencher on a summer hot day

Why would people want to buy lemonade: fresh, affordable ($0.50 in the Youtube video we watched today), healthy, provides tons of nutritious vitamin C for good immune system, 

Message target audience would like to hear: why they should choose lemonade over other soft drinks, why lemonade is more beneficial for your health than regular water (added Vitamin C), sweet for a sweet tooth(mild) rather than eating chocolates and candies

What would you want to tell them that would make a difference? Vitamin C is important for good health and immune system, even if they don’t like lemons/lemonades, can choose to make orange juice, apple juice, strawberry banana juices


Day 3: 

On Day 3 we learnt more about the lemonade factory!

It is important that we build knowledge on how lemonade came about to see how much money, time, effort and energy we should invest in this business, or any business for that matter! 

We also tried different elements in canva, and you both decided to write a book on strawberries and cat instead, as story books on cats are a rare find these days + cats deserve some tender loving care too! We played around with more designs and the marketing pitch which will come later into our course.


 Day 4:

On Day 4 on Colour Day we learnt more about our business!

A business webpage should a background information section on founders, why you want this business to be created, why do you want this business, what makes your business unique and how you want this to be successful, and also finally donating to charity! We also played around with more elements to signify the above and you both wanted it to be donated to the Toronto Zoo! 

We also learnt about product pages - what elements would you want to see? Social media? your contact details? Product descriptions? Positive reviews? Pricing of your product? How to price them well?


Day 5:

And we are done!

WOW! Are you happy or sad that we are ending?

Our class may have finished, but remember, you will always be your own kid entrepreneur! We finalized everything we could for our Pinky Cat and Apple Book Logos - or Strawberry Fish Book that you both have changed to!

We watched videos on the strawberries and lemons and we could have them grown from seeds - just to recap on the lemonade stand from day one! This is because to watch fruits grown their seeds - a timely reminder that everything takes effort and time, step by step, just like your businesses! We have worked together on the final pages of our book and logo, and of course some of your designs in between!

Before you go,

do remember to fill our google survey on your Kid Entrepreneurs courses here:

drop me an email when you're done and your certificate would be automatically generated! Thank you again for your attentiveness during this week and we will see you around!

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