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Kids Camp Millionaire

Kids Camp Millionaire

April 12th to April 15th

9:30-10:30am EST

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We had an awesome class today talking about how to live a balanced life and how our finances can help us achieve that! We started off the class by sharing how much money we found from our scavenger hunt, everyone did so well! Be sure to divide up the total between your 3 Jars! After sharing our finds we discussed what exactly living a balanced life means and divided it into 3 main categories: health, happiness, and wealth. We also talked about how things like our values, habits, goals, and risks can influence our decision making in all aspects of life including how we save and spend our money.

Today’s Mission: 

Think about what kinds of steps you can take with yourself, your family, friends, or even in your community to ensure everyone is living a more balanced life! What changes would you make in your thinking and in your actions to try to live a life where you are healthy, happy and yet where you have money?

Send me your answers in a video, text document, or voice recording (whatever works for you)! 


Tomorrow we will look at The Golden Rules of Saving, where we will discuss how to most effectively and efficiently save for the future and how to set goals to achieve this!

See you tomorrow!

- Kaitlin 

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