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Kids Camp Millionaire February 6 - 21

Day 1: February 6, 2021

What We Did Today: We talked about saving, investing, and spending! Living a balanced life and balancing health, wealth, and happiness is so important and understanding how to manage our money is a key part of that! Whether we want to buy fancy chocolate bars or a brand new pair of skis, save our money for college, or buy a house - it's important to make sure we use our money wisely! 
What They Have to Do: The 3 Jars Challenge. Find 3 jars, decorate them, and label them "SAVING", "INVESTING", AND SPENDING" and split your money equally among them!
What Are We Doing Tomorrow? Learning about Canadian money! 

Day 2: February 7, 2021

What we did today: We learned about the different Canadian coins and bills, and learned about the importance of living a balanced life! Our habits, values, and goals allow us to lead a healthy and happy life!

This weeks missions:
1. Find coins around the house, organize them, and count how many nickels/dimes/quarters/loonies/toonies there are and then count how much the total is. Once you have a total I want you to split the money into 3 groups - 1 for investing, 1 for spending, 1 for saving.

2. Write down the steps that you take with your family that lead to a balanced life. What are the actions you take to make sure your life is healthy and happy, but also make sure that you have enough money? Tell me about all of the fun things you do by yourself or with your friends/family. Do you go on walks? Do you spend time cooking together? Watching movies? Learning to play piano? I want to hear all about them. You can send this in an email or on a document.

What are we doing next week?: Learning about the golden rules of saving!

We will meet on February 20th at 1 pm EST for 2 hours. 

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