Kids Camp Millionaire Levels 1-4 (July 12-16)

My name is Rajvi and I will be your child's instructor for Kids Camp Millionaire Levels 1-4. 

Through these for levels, your child will learn about what money is, how it works, how to save money, the 3 jars technique and the basics of banking. 

If you have any questions, please email me at

Zoom Meetings

Everyday, the children can join the class through the zoom link below. It is the same link for all the days. 

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting Timing: 1-2 pm EST (Monday - Thursday)

Monday Level 1

We learned about the saving, investing and spending jars. We learned the importance about balancing where you put your money and not spending all of it. We also learned about what interest is and what stocks are. All students have successfully completed level 1. 

Tuesday Level 2

We learn all about how to live a balance life and balance health, wealth and happiness. We also learned about the golden rules of savings.

Wednesday Level 3

We learned about banking, so the different types of bank accounts and how interest works. 

Thursday Level 4

We learn all about how to create a good budget and we did an activity for budgeting. 


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