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Kids Camp Millionaire: (March 15th-18th, 11:15am EST)

Welcome to Kids Camp Millionaire Program!
Here are the links for the classes: 
Day 2+3 (March 17th):
Today we continued our journey towards becoming wise and successful with our money. We learned about what it means to lead a balanced life, what are the components one should include in their life to balance it - Health, Wealth and Happiness, and we came up with steps that will ensure our family to have a balanced life. 
We also went through the Golden Rules of Saving; Wait to buy what you want, Choose how you spend, Start saving early, Stop wasting, and Set a goal. 
We started learning a little part of our Banking lesson, but tomorrow we will finish it along with our Budgeting lesson. 
Day 1 (March 15th):
Today, we started our program by learning 2 lessons out of the 6 we are going to 
go through during this week - The 3 Jars and Our Money.
We learnt that, to be smart with our and success, we should implement the 3 Jars trick in our day-to-day life; putting the same amount of money into each of the spending, savings and investing in order to know exactly how much money should go to what activity. Then, we went over all of the Canadian bank notes and coins, learnt about their values and the important people printed  on them. 
Tomorrow we will learn how to have a balanced life and about the golden rules of saving. See you then!
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