Personal Finance (July 12 -16)

Welcome to Personal Finance

My name Rajvi and I am a finance teacher for Explorer Hop. Throughout the next week, I will be guiding your child on how to start their personal finance journey in a balanced and healthy way. The purpose of this course is to teach children to manage their money through budgeting, savings techniques, paying taxes and several other concepts. 

After each class, I will post what the children did in the class, what the next class is about and homework for the children to complete before next class. 

Meeting Link for Program:

You can join the meeting Link everyday at 11 am EST from July 12-16. 

Meeting Link:

Day 1

We learned about how to maintain balance in life and about the 5 golden rules of saving. We also played the balance game.

Day 2 

We learned about how to create a balanced budget. We played the balance game to practice our budgeting skills. 

Day 3

We learn all about how banks make money and what services they provide. Additionally, we learned what loans and credit cards are and how interest works.

Day 4

Today, they learned about earning money, so what it means to be on payroll vs contract. They learn about bad debt vs acceptable debt and how student loans work. 

Day 5

Today, they learned about taxes and how to invest money.

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