Personal Finance (July 26 - 30)

Day 5

Today, we talked about investing. We learned about the different types of investment. We discussed how to choose principal, term and risk level. We also discussed what stocks are and how their price fluctuates. 


Day 4

Today, we spoke about the importance of taxes, where taxes are used and how they are applied. We also discussed the importance of insurance and parts of an insurance policy. Finally, the students practiced using the balance game. 


Day 3

Today, we focused on loans and earning money. In loans we learned about what the different elements of a loan are, such as loan agreements, interest and monthly payments. We also learned about different types of loans. Additionally, we covered the difference between acceptable debt and bad debt. Finally, they students practiced using the balance game. 


Day 2

We learned about all the steps to make a budget. We covered what banks do and how they make money. We discussed the difference between a savings account and a checking account. I explained the difference between simple interest and compound interest. The students practiced these skills in the balance game. 


Day 1 

We learned about how to maintain balance in life and in finances. Additionally, we discussed the 5 golden rules of savings. Finally, the students ended class by practicing these skills in the balance game. 


Welcome to Personal Finance

My name Rajvi and I am a finance teacher for Explorer Hop. Throughout the next week, I will be guiding your child on how to start their personal finance journey in a balanced and healthy way. The purpose of this course is to teach children to manage their money through budgeting, savings techniques, paying taxes and several other concepts. 

After each class, I will post what the children did in the class, what the next class is about and homework for the children to complete before next class. 

Meeting Link for Program:

You can join the meeting Link everyday at 3 pm EST from July 26 - 30. 

Meeting Link:

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