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Sunnybrook - Jr. Model UN

Day 7 (December 8th, 2023)

Hi everyone!

This week we practiced refining proper etiquette in our debate, and we are getting much better at it - our debates are becoming a lot more formal, so keep up the good work!

This week, our debate question is more complex - we will be debating: is it a priority to preserve marine life, and what can the international community do to tackle this issue in geographic areas near their countries?

The groups this week will be:

Zambia - Bella, Larry

Nigeria - Sophie, Jaxon

Sweden - Melak, Lucas, Samiya

Egypt - Charlie, Nico, Isaac

Just a note that the club will be running next term also!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN - Please sign up here:

See you all on Friday!

Day 6: (Dec 1, 2023)

Hi all,

We are getting much better at our debating skills and particularly our rebuttals, everyone is doing an excellent job! We also practiced summarising our debates with closing statements today.

This week our debate topic is about climate change, and we will be debating whether all cars should be electric by the year 2040 or not.

Our groups this week will be:

Iceland - Larry, Nico, Jaxon

Sri Lanka - Samiya, Sophie

Mozambique - Charlie, Melak, Lucas

Singapore - Bella, Isaac

See you all next week!

Day 5: (Nov 24, 2023)

Hi all,

Our topic this week looks at land animal conservation, and the debate question is: are zoos really necessary and beneficial or are they cruel and should they be banned?

The groups are as follows:

Russia - Melak and Lucas 

Nepal - Isaac, Bella, Nico

South Africa - Samiya, Sophie, Charlie 

Italy - Jaxon, Larry 

Additionally, we are learning how to strengthen our arguments and further our debate skills through cross examination, rebuttals, closing statements, and more tips and tricks to use during our debate.

See you next week!

Day 4: (Nov 17, 2023)

Hello everyone!

Our debate topic for next week relates to the UN’s sustainable development goal of zero hunger, which will be: there should be free school meals for children throughout their entire education.

Our groups are:

Ukraine - Nico, Jaxon, Lucas

Kenya - Isaac, Charlie, Bella

France - Sophie, Larry

Japan - Samiya, Melak

See you all on Friday!

Day 3 (November 3, 2023)

Hello everyone!

Our debate topic for next week falls under technology and the economy, specifically industry, innovation and infrastructure. 


The debate topic for this week is:

Countries should direct more funding towards development of infrastructure. 

Our groups are:

Mexico - Sophie and Isaac

England - Lucas and Melak

India - Larry, Charlie and Niko

Australia - Jaxon, Samiya and Bella

Have a lovely weekend!

Day 2 (October 27, 2023) 

Our first debate was incredible.  Kudos to all the kids who were well prepared.  

What we did:

We spent most of the time on the debate.  Next week we will limit the debate to 20 mins so that we can get more learning in. 

Debate topic for next week:

Girls should have the right to go to school and drive. 

Delegates & Teams:

Saudi Arabia: Samiya, Sophie & Bella (chosen by the girls themselves, this will be an interesting for them to debate - remember you are presenting your country's position even if you don't quite agree with it yourself) 

Afghanistan: Isaac & Nico

Sweden: Charlie & Lucas

Switzerland: Malak & Jaxon 

Remember: you are representing your country. So you need to explain your country's logic to others.  Look at the positives and negatives of your country's record with respect to women and girls education.  Before you decide whether you consider it right or wrong, understand your country's logic behind it and try to find a solution to make it better. Come prepared with what you are willing to exchange in order to get more money to improve the lives of girls.   Remember though, Saudi, Sweden and Switzerland are all quite wealthy.  

Day 1 (October 20, 2023)

    What a fantastic bunch of delegates to work with! 

    What we did:

    1. Learned about the UN
    2. Learned about Model UN
    3. Basics of Debating
    4. How to address your opponent 
    5. Petty Debate (30 seconds to state their position) on Chickens Make Good Pets 🤣

    Debate topic for next week:


    Delegates & Teams:

    USA: Isaac & Larry

    Canada:Bella & Samita

    Niger:  Jaxon & Melak

    Tuvalu: Niko & Sophie

    Brazil: Charlie & Lucas 

    Remember you are coming to defend your country’s position. You are a representative of that country. 
    Here are some tips on what you should do research on:

    1. Look up where your country is on the map (Note it is Niger not Nigeria)
    2. Research healthcare in your assigned country and if there is free medical care. What level of care do kids get?
    3.  Why is your country not able to provide free healthcare? What are the obstacles for this? Is it money? Or is it something else?
    4. What are you asking the United Nations for?

    You need to have an opening statement ready (we will learn more about this next week and refine it) . You have 2 minutes for your opening statement. 

    Introduce yourself and your country

    Clearly state your position 

    Clearly state what your ask is 

    Links for debate prep: 

    A good start is to use this template

    Please download the Handbook 


    Welcome to Junior Model UN, an exciting program we're thrilled to introduce at Sunnybrook! In this program, you'll embark on a fascinating journey to explore the world, engage in passionate debates on topics that pique your interest, and develop valuable skills along the way.

    To get started, download the Handbook for the program and bring it with you to class. You will need it to keep track of all your debates and the countries you will represent.  

    All the documents and information you need will be shared here, so please bookmark this page. 

    If you have any questions, please email us at 

    Links for debate prep: 

    A good start is to use this template

    Please download the Handbook 


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