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Teen Entrepreneurs (June 11th-15th)

Teen Entrepreneurs (June 11th-15th)


Welcome to Teen Entrepreneurs! 

Hi, my name is Thomas. I am a Marketing Consultant for Explorer Hop and will also be your child's Entrepreneurial coach this week. I am a student at the Schulich School of Business and an involved member of the Schulich community. I can't wait for this weeks lessons. 

Hi, my name is Alisha. I'm also going to be one of the instructors for the Entrepreneur course this week alongside Thomas. I am a student at the University of Toronto who is studying computer science, and I'm really excited to be teaching everyone this week! 
Day 1
Hello everyone! Today was an exciting start to the week! We started off with an icebreaker and some professional introductions. We discussed the different types of businesses, why they are successful and how they maintain their successes. We also went over what a startup is and the different forms they take. The students were then instructed to brainstorm an idea for a potential product. 
Day 2
Today we started off with a lesson on the different components that comprise a business and the roles that employees take within those departments. We also instructed the students to write a product description and formulate a pricing strategy for their product. See everyone tomorrow!
Day 3
Today we learned about the Sales Funnel and wrapped up our last lesson for the week. We learned about the plethora of methods that can and must be used to turn a potential customer into a customer. We also distinguished between the different customers based on their level of loyalty to a product or brand. We were happy to see that all our students had completed their product descriptions and had come up with a reasonable pricing strategy. They were then shown a short video on constructing a sales pitch and started working on one for their products. 
Day 4
Today we went over everyone's progress. We were delighted to see that they had completed almost all of what we've asked of them this week. Additionally, we asked each student to think of how they would use the sales funnel to attract customers and to write down a list of steps they would take to achieve market penetration. 
Day 5
Today we had this week's final work period. Everyone had time to ask us questions about their final products and wrap up some finishing touches. I would also like to remind everyone to email us their final product by the due date. We would like to thank you all for a wonderful week. Everyone listened intently and gave their best to apply their skills to this project. We wish you all success in your future educational and career paths and hope you've walked away from this course with a broadened set of skills. 
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Teen Entrepreneurs (July 11-13) 1-2PM EST (Toronto's Time)



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