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TFS- West Campus | Jr. Model UN

Day 2 (Sep 21, 2023)

Our first debate was a complete success.  This week we focussed on negotiation and how to make a deal.  I am happy to say that all 4 teams traded resources to get funds for education and worked very professionally together. 

Here is the topic of discussion next week: 

Should hunting animals be legal? 

Here are the teams and the countries they represent: 

Baoshi + Ella+ Arya: USA

Nora + Anura: Costa Rica

Arshawn + Naya: India

Tegh + Chiara: South Africa

They need to do research into what drives the practice in their countries, why do they allow hunting, how can they move towards responsible practices.  Pay special attention to the economic impact of each country's position.  I also want to see the speakers address their opponents professionally. 

Unlike last week, this is not a debate where you are making a deal for resources and funds, here you are trying to find a workable solution for the country you represent.  


Day 1 (Sep 14, 2023)

We had a super fun day and learned the basics of debating.  

Here is the topic of discussion next week: 

Primary education should be free in all countries.  

Here are the teams and the countries they represent: 

Tegh+Nora+Ella: Brazil

Baoshi + Naya: Japan

Anura +Arshawn: Benin

Chiara + Arya: Canada

For next week, they need to come prepared to represent their countries.  They need to have statistics and facts to support their country's positions.  If their countries cannot (or do not) provide education for free, they need to research why that is.  

A good start is to use this template

Please download the Handbook and bring a printed copy with you next week.  



Welcome to Junior Model UN, an exciting program we're thrilled to introduce at TFS-West Campus! In this program, you'll embark on a fascinating journey to explore the world, engage in passionate debates on topics that pique your interest, and develop valuable skills along the way.

To get started, download the Handbook for the program and bring it with you to class. You will need it to keep track of all your debates and the countries you will represent.  

All the documents and information you need will be shared here, so please bookmark this page. 

If you have any questions, please email us at 


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