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TFS - West Campus | Kid Entrepreneurs

Day 1 (Sep 14, 2023) 

We had a super fun Day 1 and are totally geared for our Hot Chocolate Stand! 

Today we learned the basics of Entrepreneurship and picked the name of our business.  Here are the details: 

Name of business: Yum Yum Chocolate

Business Type:  Hot chocolate stand

Every week we give new management positions to our kid entrepreneurs.  These positions rotate so that everyone has a role. 

Meet our management team for this week!

Management Team Sep 14
CEO - 1 Daniel
Marketing Manager - 2 Isabella, Naomi
Product Development Manager - 2 Chunyi
Finance Manager - 2 Nanxi, Victoria
Operations Manager - 3 James, Ivy
Sales Manager - 2 Karam, Niam



Welcome to our Kid Entrepreneurs program! In this class, we'll embark on an exciting journey to teach our youngest business enthusiasts the fundamentals of starting their own ventures. Students will collectively choose between running a Lemonade Stand or a Hot Chocolate Stand. Together, we'll help them create a brand and other essential elements to grasp the ins and outs of running a business.

And guess what? Don't miss out on the grand finale at the end of the program when they officially launch their Hot Chocolate Stand! It's going to be a deliciously fun adventure! 🍫☕🚀

To get started, please download the Student Handbook as it will give you an idea of the topics and activities we try to cover.  

Please bookmark this place as we will share information and other documents that they are working on here. 

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