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TFS - West Campus | Young Entrepreneurs

Day 1 (Sep 12, 2023)

Link to project drive:

We had a lot of fun today and we really have some very creative entrepreneurs in this group!  

Here are some decisions we made: 

Business Name: <not yet decided> 

Business Description: Activity Book with many different things in it

Corporate Positions this week: Every week, we give students different corporate roles. Here are the management positions for this week. 

Management Team Sep 12- Sep 18
CEO Noah
Marketing Manager Erik
Product Development Manager Amy
Finance Manager Meilin
Operations Manager Arshawn
Sales Manager



Tasks for this week:  Please click this link to see how the project is going:

Category Task Date to be completed Assigned to
Product Development Ideas for the entire book - In Canva [Activity Book - Colouring sheets, posters etc) 19-09-2023 Amy
Finance Research on other business - Price, what's included, how many pages 19-09-2023 Meilin
Sales Posters to sell the activity book, create a logo for the company 19-09-2023 Chelsea
Operations Add other tasks and keep project on track, meet with the group and come up company names (2-3 names) 19-09-2023 Arshawn
Marketing Spread the business [Ask if the group can present at the assembly, announce the business in the newsletter] 19-09-2023 Erik
Launch Day Look up comptetors sites and come up with ideas for the activity book, how do you sell books? 19-09-2023 Noah




Hey there, future business moguls and creative minds!

Welcome to the Young Entrepreneurs program, where we're about to embark on a thrilling journey of turning your coolest ideas into exciting, real-life businesses.

Picture this: As a group you get to choose any business you want to create – from a jaw-dropping invention to a trendy service or a fab drink stand! The sky's the limit, and it's all about unleashing your imagination. 

Throughout this program, you'll not only have a blast but also learn the secrets of entrepreneurship. From brainstorming brilliant ideas to building your brand, managing your finances, and marketing your fantastic creations – we've got it all covered. And guess what? There'll be plenty of high-fives, creative challenges, and maybe even a few friendly "Shark Tank" style pitches along the way.

So, get ready to discover what it takes to turn your dreams into reality and create something amazing. Are you excited? We sure are! 🚀💡🌟

To get started: 

  • Download the Student Handbook which shows you what we are going to do. 
  • Get a free account on Canva
  • If you haven't already, get a Gmail account so you can access the program drive where we will keep all your assets (that's just a fancy word for all your program ideas and work). 

You can also check out the blog of your buddies at TFS-Main Campus to see what kind of business they are launching! 

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