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Video Production & Editing Level 1 | March 14-18 | 4-5PM

Video Production & Editing Level 1 | March 14-18 | 4-5PM

Day 1

We had a great class today! I'm excited to see the work your kids produce. They're all really enthusiastic and ask wonderful questions. What we learned: Three stages of video production Shot sizes Camera angles Introduction to film project In this project, each student will select a process to film. This can be anything from...walking the dog, making cupcakes or getting ready for bed. Something in daily life that requires multiple steps to complete. Each step in the process will become a shot in their final film.


Day 2

I was so excited to hear about the class' film ideas! The class is 100% on the right track. I know we'll continue to produce some really awesome content this week. What we learned: Introduction to lighting techniques The importance of scene continuity Set design Creating a storyboard I have uploaded a copy of the Powerpoint from today to our course Google Drive folder for reference. I've also made each student their own folder within the Drive to submit their work moving forward!


Day 3

Another great class today! I can't wait to see the videos they film tonight. They all have such awesome ideas. What we learned: Some of the film "rules" (ie. lead room, head room & the 180 degree rule) Production techniques for smooth camera movement How to film on a phone or tablet with no equipment The importance of wardrobe in film


Day 4

I am SO impressed with the work everyone has been doing. The films they've been working on sound absolutely incredible! I can't wait to see their rough cuts tomorrow. What we learned: The basics if iMovie Cutting together a scene to tell a story Editing workflow Adding transitions & titles Working with basic colour correction


Day 5

Today the kids shared their final films with the class! I couldn't be more impressed with their work this week! I hope they all continue to produce their own content moving forward. I can't wait to see where their videos end up! What we learned: Integrating audio into a video edit The power of music in film Recording sound effects The importance of constructive feedback.

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