York - Young Entrepreneurs (Thursday - 4.30PM)

Use this link to join the Zoom meeting:


Day 2:

What we did: Today, we focused on branding. We chose our business and cookbook name - Treats & Eats. We also designed our logo on Canva. Our Operations VP finished our operations plan for the remaining weeks, while our CEO took charge of the duties and managed our team. 

Next class: Our Sales VP will lead next class for our product pitch and product page. We will also get a head start for the pricing strategy.

See you guys next class! :) 

Business plan link:


Day 1:

Hey everyone! What a fantastic start! 

Today : Today, we did an icebreaker. Then, we discussed what really makes a business successful and all the different types of successful businesses. We have chosen our business concepts:

  • Business concept: dessert baking cookbook
  • Charity: Doctors without Borders

Next class: we will decide on the book name and design our logo. We will also build an operations plan and divide company roles. We also have a short lecture on roles.

See you guys next class! :) 

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