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Young Entrepreneur (July 18-22, 2022)

Young Entrepreneur (July 18-22, 2022)

Celina Mekhail

Zoom Link:

 11-12:30 pm (EST) 

Passcode: CjtR9J

Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs!

My name is Celina. I am a university student studying Social Work at York University, and I also work at Explorer Hop's french team. I am very excited to be your child's Entrepreneurial coach this week. 

The purpose of this camp is to teach children the potential of starting and launching their own businesses that would become a social initiative.

Through the week, they will be building a simplified business plan. They will learn about different company roles and terms such as CEO, Finance, Marketing, Sales and more. They will learn to build a solid brand and learn how to design a logo and advertisements. 

Day 1

 Hello everyone, what an exciting class. Today we started with a fun ice breaker! then we discussed new terms regarding Finances and Entrepreneurship as well as professional introductions. We also got to discuss types of businesses, why they are successful and how they maintain their successes. Finally we cam up with our business idea's and after our brainstorm session, we came up with:


Toronto Zoo 


Malakai: Sales

Sofianna: Marketing

Katelyn: Finance

Arjun: Operations

Children's brainstorm


Day 2

The second day was a blast, we revised yesterday's material. The Children shared their progress on their product development, which was extremely well done. We set them up with Canva accounts to start creating the logos for their businesses in preparation for marketing. it was awesome to see their creativity and their visions come to life.

see everyone at the next session!


  Day 3

What a fun class! today we talked about different roles in startup company's such as marketing, finance, sales and operations. Then we learned about the sales funnel, which includes awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy. Finally concluded our lesson by using the sales funnel and creating a simple marketing plan to spread the word about your children's super cool business. 

see everyones smiling faces tomorrow!



 Day 4

Super fun session today. We learned about product pitches and sales pitches. we watched some examples from shark tank, and the children created their own sales pitch. Today they practiced presenting them, so that way it will be perfect for when they market the business. 

see everyone tomorrow!


  Day 5

Today the kids practiced their sales pitch and created a friendly message to market their websites. They also created a list of people that the children will send their websites to, they should continue to do this even after our class. We concluded our lesson by talking about the importance of charity and social entrepreneurship.

Here are the links to each students websites





I wish everyone the best of luck in their businesses.

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