BVG Young Boss (Jan+Feb 2021)

Day 8 (Feb 24th):

Hello everyone!

Today was our last class together. We finished studying about the sales funnel and going over its components, we made business cards and finished up merging our videos. (If someone still needs to send me their videos, please do so as soon as you can).

You can check out all the steps that we took in building this business (plan, pricing, market etc.) using this link:

Once the finished product is done, I will make sure to update the blog.

Please make sure to leave us a review using this link:

Thank you all for your cooperation! It was such a pleasure working with you all on this amazing business, and I hope I get to see you in a different class.


Day 7 (Feb 17th):

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well.

Today all the kids finished recording their classes! Some had already sent me the finished product, but I am still waiting for the others to send theirs.

Next class we will finish learning about the sales funnel and create a few finishing touches to our business, since it is our last class together :(

NOTE: whoever has not sent me their class recordings, please do so as soon as you can.

I will see you all next week! Have a great week and stay safe :)


Day 6 (Feb 10th):

Hey everyone! 

Today we spent our class working individually on each of the classes. The kids took the time to record their classes' content by themselves.

Next class each one will keep working on their classes. All classes should be recorded and ready by next weekend (Feb 19th) since we will be working on the finishing touches on our last class.

Homework record as many classes as you can! We will have next class to record them as well but we will not have enough time to record all. 

Thank you all for the cooperation, I will see you next week!

Here is a letter from today's CEO Leo:


This is Leo, I’m a student of Bayview Glen independent school. I’m also one of the members of the “Start Your Own Business” club. There are three people and we are planning to make money by teaching people how to code, do math, and be strong and healthy. After that, we are going to donate all the money we made to the Toronto Zoo.

I am teaching math, Kurtis is teaching you how to code video games, and Eishan will do fitness with you and keep your body strong. We are promoting our business by posting logos in social media.

Good luck and stay sharp!

Leo Song,
CEO of the “How To Trio” on January 27th.


Day 5 (Feb 3th):

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well!

Today we kept learning about the sales funnel. According to what we had learned, we made two amazing looking social media posts along with an interesting poll for our customers. 

Next class we will start recording our classes and actually building our product so please take this week to prepare your classes and a recording device.

I look forward to seeing you all next week. Please see below a letter from today's CEO:


My name is Kurtis, and I go to Bayview Glen and I previously joined the start your own business club. In my club, there are three students including me.

The three of us decided to make money for the Toronto Zoo.

We decided to make classes during this pandemic, so we can stay healthy and happy. 

For me, I am teaching coding, Leo will be teaching math, and Eishan will be teaching you how to exercise at home to stay healthy.

We learned how to market our product and made some social media posts to promote our business.

I hope you will have a great day, and stay safe!
Kurtis Wong,
CEO of the “How To trio” for February 3rd


Day 4 (Jan 27th):

Hey everyone, we are halfway through are classes and we have so many things accomplished already!

Today we started talking about the sales funnel and focused on the first step- awareness. We made a marketing strategy and learned what a product pitch is.

Next class we will be creating our social media post and learn more about the sales funnel.

Homework: please prepare a product pitch on an item you have at home, try to think how you can pitch it to me and your classmates so that we would want to buy it!

Thank you all for coming, I will see you next week :)


Day 3 (Jan 20th):

 Hey everyone! What a busy and productive day we had today!

Today we wrote the product description for our business, assigned the roles of the company between all of us, wrote down our pricing strategy for the classes and started working on a business plan.

Next class we will be learning about a marketing strategy and creating social media posts to advertise our classes with our marketing manager Leo.

I look forward to seeing you all next week, please see below a letter from today's CEO Eishan:


My name is Eishan, I go to Bayview Glen and I am in the BVG “start your own business” club.

The three of us are trying to make money to donate to the Toronto Zoo. We will be doing lessons to educate your mind in home workouts, how to code a game and math classes to get ahead on your homework.

It will be a very useful lesson during this COVID 19 Pandemic, since these days, we need to stay home during lockdown. 

Stay home and stay safe,


CEO of the “How To” trio


  Day 2 (Jan 14th):

Hi everyone and welcome Eishan, it was great getting to know you and hearing all of your wonderful ideas for our business we are all building together.

Today we learned about the different types of startups out there and decided to change our business idea to something that would fit all of us- "The 'how to' trio" which will teach their customers different skills to excel in. 
We all made our company's logo together today, but for next class please prepare an individual logo for your own class you will be teaching (it could be a drawing on a piece of paper or a design you did on Canva like our company logo). 

Next week we will write a product description, choose the company's roles and make a business plan, so come prepare! 

I am looking forward to seeing you all next week, have a great week :)


Day 1 (Jan 6th):

Hey everyone! It was so awsome getting to know all of you and hearing your wonderful ideas for our business.
Today we learned about the different types of businesses out there and what makes a business successful. 

Next class we will have a final decision for the name of our business, since today we came up with so many interesting ideas, as well as design a logo and write a product description for our company.

Thank you for coming to today's class, I look forward to seeing you all next week!



Hi everyone, my name is Nelly :) I am a student at the University of Toronto, studying Mathematics, Statistics and Business.  

I am an Explorer Hop instructor, working mainly in in-school programs, and for the next two months I will be your kid's entrepreneurship coach!

During this program the kids will team up to start a company which creates and sells real products or service. By starting their own company, the kids will gain valuable skills in marketing, team work and business planning.

I look forward to seeing you all every Wednesday at 5pm.



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